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Workout Gadgets


I love infomercials. addicted.
Saw this and giggled.


Workout without working out.

Someday this has to stop. Right?

Someday people have to see through this. I hope so, because people are becoming too pathetic to stand.


"While you're at work!" That would be retarded if I went to a bank or insurance agency and the person that I was talking to was sitting on that chair.


...and swinging away!

Hahaha absolutely ridiculous.


I'd LOVE to have one of those...

Too bad they don't come in hot pink. 8^(


Why does it have to stop? If people choose to be this lazy and stupid they deserve to get fleeced. There ought to be a hall of fame for retarded exercise machines and the evil geniuses/con-artists who come up with them. The guy who came up with this one deserves a standing ovation.


Why does it have to stop?

Because I am about to lose my last shred of hope in the human race.


There have always been snake oil salesmen, and a sizable, weak-minded minority that give them money.