Workout from the Movie Punisher

I was looking at this the other day and was wondering if anyone on here has ever tried this. It requires two of the same workouts a day which is fine because I’m home for winter break and couldnt find a job so basically I have nothing to do all day. My workout seems to be getting pretty stale and so Im looking to mix it up and crack some plateaus. Im looking for the most part to put on mass, Im about 6’2’’ 185.

  1. Is working out twice a day (on the same muscles) actually more benficial compared to once?

  2. My normal workout (Weight training wise) is three times a week MWF Alternating Chest/Triceps/Quads one day and Biceps/Back/Glutes the other. My concern is that In the punisher workout, monday its Chest/Biceps and on Friday its Back/Triceps. I always thought it was good to mix the pulling motions together and same with the pushing, can anyone clarify this?

3.Has anyone on here done this workout before? Or anything similar?

Thanks for any help

I think your better off reading thru this.

why did he eat only protein, but avoid chicken?

ACTrain just did you a huge favor, that article was a gold mine.

  1. that sounds like a terrible idea, but i’m not a specialist. you’re breaking down a muscle while it’s trying to repair itself after the ass beating you gave it that morning. a split that focuses on a different muscle group would make more sense.

  2. I guess the logic behind that is avoiding fatigue and hitting fresh muscle groups that haven’t been affected by earlier training. it’s not “wrong”, but from personal experience i’ve found training chest with tris and back with bis better for me. the key there is ME, everyone is different. so if you find you like training back and tris or hams and traps then go for it.

  3. no.