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Workout frequency while on a T/Deca cycle

How often should I workout during a cycle? I’m currently starting my 6th week of a 12 week cycle (I begin tapering down in week 9, followed up by HCG then clomid and clen). Due to the half-lives, using the total MG calculator on the meso site, my levels this week and the next are at the highest they’ll ever be (1500 mg). I’m taking 400 mg Deca, 550 mg Test Enanthate per week.

I’ve been following my usual 3 workouts/week schedule (2 upper, 1 lower body) that I follow when I’m not on a cycle. I also do 3 x 30 min cardio workouts/week. Should I be doing more like 5 or 6 day/week workouts and completely cut out cardio right now that my recovery levels are so high due to the AAS? Or should I still continue my 3/day week workouts in order to prevent overtraining. I feel like I could safely add at least 2 more workouts per week since I have so much energy and feel completely recovered within 24 hours due to the AAS. This is my first cycle, do any of you guys with more experience have any input on this based on your personal experiences?