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Workout Frequency - Need Expert Advise


workout plan

day 1 - back squat - front squat
day 2 - bench - push press
day 3 - deadlift - barbell rows
day 4 - military press - close grip bench

two warm up sets each, two sets to failure adjusting the weight on the last two sets based on reps attained (apre). Adding some curls, pull ups, and light accessory work as needed on days I still have something left.

question .
How would I know what is the optimal workout frequency for me? 32, 4 kids, 200mg test week.

I have heard everything from only going heavy twice a month to lifting 6 times a week. I'm two years into my training I am getting strong but now what to take it up a level. All out, push my body to the optimal limit.

what are your thoughts? I feel like at 32 years old it is now or never. I dont want to waste three years training 3 times a week when I could have been doing more.


yes will work well, try this rep plan....


If you want to get 'optimal' results ,really nail your periworkout supps/nutrition also


do you have any suggestions on pre and post work out nutrition? right now I eat every three hours, drink lots of water, 30 grams of protein per meal, lots of veggies, and some bcca's after workout.


Plazma is the king if your budget can afford it. Otherwise get some generic hydrolysed whey and take creatine and beta-alanine pre workout.


It looks like a good routine to me. I have had the best results from hitting a body part three times a week. I just have to make sure to keep the sets down if I push myself hard.


I looked at your profile. If your weight and body fat are still accurate like me your muscles are not big yet. I am not an expert but i am pretty sure more frequency will be a plus if your eating is clean enough and your rest/relaxation is good.
Are you looking for bigger muscles or to get stronger?

I would try 6 days at 40 min.
Generally stress, unclean eating and bigger muscles are factors that slows recovery.
For bigger use TUT/ slow negatives but avoid that to get stronger.
All the best !


I'd add more pulling exercises for shoulder health. And why do front and back squats on the same day?


With all non-training obligations aside...

The frequency you 'should' do is dependent upon how fast you can recover and 'progress' every time you come back to that same day.
Let's say you program your front squat so that you add 5 lbs every workout:
If you front squat today but CANT add 5lbs to it if you did it tomorrow then you probably shouldn't do it the day after.
But if you find that you can add 5lbs to it every 3 days after... then that is exactly how often you should do it.
Front squats every 3 days after.

And also, don't get caught up in trying to fit a program into 7 days a week, if a cycle takes 8 days then so be it! Nothing magical happens after that 7th day... well unless you like doing the same thing on that specific day of that week lol...


Another one I enjoy is Finibar and MAG-10 after.

Yes, Plazma can be a little pricey, but damn...... that stuff is amazing. Heck, even one scoop makes a load of difference.


I think I am going to try 6 days a week. 40 minutes. My muscles are just now starting to grow. when I wear a medium shirt it is pretty full. When I started all I wanted was size, then I found out about powerlifting but damm it is hard on my elbow. I have young daughters so basically I want to get as big, strong, and mean as I can so when boys start coming around I can let them know I am trouble. If some thug is out in public looking for an easy target I want him to run from me. I need the bod and physical skills to go with it my aggression. For all the old school MMA fans out there I want people to call me "Shamrock".


My role model - Shamrock means business.


stick to the plan you posted,it will work. If need be find a different 5/3/1 template.

6 days a week is never necessary and only a good idea once you are experienced for quite some time with heavy lifting.


rampant I think you are right. I did three really good days in a row but today I am cooked. I am going to cook food, sleep and get ready to lift this weekend.


Obviously 6 days did not mean 6 heavy days.


I think 3 to 4 days of lifting with a couple of cardio days might work. I dont want to overthink this. I want to get in the gym and lift.


Ever consider training less times? Hard heavy rest grow. I,m taking some heat for these opinions. Check out my posts and log in the over 35 and see what you thinj