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Workout for Wrestler?

When i look at the article “the cardio roundtable”, i found out that Dr. Lowery’s word(what i concern is under here):

fitness is defined by five components:
2. muscular endurance (wrestler would have)

  1. body composition (e.g. bodybuilder)

now i want to know, anyone can recommend one of the training program that suits a “wrestler+bodybuilder” from this website?

that means the program can promote:
muscular endurance + improved body composition??

i asked a similar question here a while ago, except i do juijitsu/grappling. More or less the same type of activity. People basically told me its hard to be a good weightlifter and a good grappler. A good weightlifting regimen can certainly improve your grappling, but i have found the best way to develop the endurance needed on the mat is to simply get on the mat more.

I was talking with a friend about how grappling is a hard thing to train for. So many different things are needed, explosive strength, endurance, coordination, balance, etc. I find the best way to develope all those is to just wrestle more, though i certainly do enjoy lifting to complement it.

my two cents


I would check out Meltdown Training I

I’ve wrestled and lifted for a year. Endurance and explosive strength are very important in wrestling. I do deadlifts, squats, and power cleans for low body strength. Also, strengthen the abs and lower back, it’s very easy to hurt them in a match. Neck strength is extemely important too, I do wrestler’s bridges and neck flexions to build up my neck. For endurance, get on a mat and wrestle, do what you do during regular season practice.

xen nova posted a very interesting workout program that i think may suit your needs im going to try to find it and post it also i did a modified westside approach when i was training when the WSSB article came out i gave it a 6 week run and had great results on that its really good if you do a lot of running