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Workout for Women Lifting with DB/KB


I'm very new to lifting. I've lost 30# and want to start working more with lifting. My only problem is our gym is so packed that trying to squat with 40 people in that area seems impossible.
My boyfriend has a cage that I am able to squat at least 1x a week. Consisting of
5x5 box squat 90lbs
5x5 overhead press 55lbs
Rack pulls 135lbs
And abs

I'm looking to lift 3x a week but want to know one alternatives when I cannot get time in the rack. Our gym has some kettlebells.

Please help.


What's your goal?

Better health?
Feeling better?
Looking better naked?

What do each of these things look like to you?


I'll cast a vote for kettlebells; they'll supplement your lifting and are a great conditioning tool. Just make sure you're swinging correctly (hip snap). There are some good routines out there like Pavel T's "simple & sinister" or Dan John's "one kettlebell workout."


I'd second this for almost any goal.


Goal right now is to look/feel good in a two pc bathing suit.


It's a fantastic goal, and I hate to be a pain in the arse, but what does that look like to you? The clearer your view of the end goal, the more likely you are to get there and the easier it is for people to offer you advice.

In terms of training, Dan John has the following performance standards:
3 pull-ups
3 dips
squat or deadlift of 135lbs.
He claims that any woman who can meet these standards is almost guaranteed to be "rockstar hot" and I've got no reason to doubt him.

My recommendation would be to use your "rack day" to move some serious iron. I've found, in my limited experience, that being able to move some big weights tends to do wonders for womens confidence and can really help with the "feeling good" bit.

After that I would start with a basic kettlebell program like Simple and Sinister and slowly build on it with more advanced kettlebell drills and basic bodyweight work. Set some long term goals like (for example), The RKC snatch test, 3 pull-ups (as above) etc. and work towards them.




Thank you Rampant! This totally helps.


FWIW, I did the Cosgrove complex for 40 days (each training session) when I first started lifting, and not only did it help me get comfortable in the environment, but it went a long way to re-shaping my physique and increasing my strength alot.