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Workout for Strength, Muscle & Conditioning


Hey guys,
I would like you to criticize a workout I built for strength, muscle and condition.
squat 4X5
push press 4X6
snatch-grip high pull from hang 4X5
chest dips 3X8/ 50 reps

front squat 4X5
close grip bench press 4X6
deadlift 2X3/1X5 need to decide
pullup 3X8/ 50 reps

After each season leg raises 2-3X failure,some high intensity cardio (sprint or swim) for 5-15 minutes when I'll have the time.

As I said above, what's your opinion?


come on guys, what do you think?


Looks good.


Depends on the purpose. Is it purely as described or do you want carryover to a sport etc? Session a looks to be missing an upper body pulling movement if you're looking for functional symmetry. Also include %RM, rest between sets and rest between sessions etc as well as cardio targets.


There is no carryover to a specific sport but I still want a functional symmetry.
I thought to add inverted rows to the end the first workout (A) for 50 reps total as I do for the dips, will that solve the problem?
I don't like to work with percentages but I work with the maximal weight I could work and the workout I can finish all the sets I'll add 5 pound to the bar.
I'll train 3 times a week AXBXAXX with the deadlift workout only once a week.

I'll do the cardio 5 minutes after the training or on the off days.
I rest as much as I nedd between the work sets but I'll try to rest 1-3 minutes on the pressing and the high pulls and on the deadlift and squats up to 5 minutes if I needed, do you think I should cut the volume a bit? 3 sets instead 4?


volume looks ok to me

here's a good article on reps/sets


and a table by Siff

Variable Training goal
Strength Power Hypertrophy Endurance Speed
Load (% of 1RM) 80-90 45-60 60-80 40-60 30
Reps per set 1-5 1-5 6-12 13-60 1-5
Sets per exercise 4-7 3-5 4-8 2-4 3-5
Rest between sets (mins) 2-6 2-6 2-5 1-2 2-5
Duration (seconds per set) 5-10 4-8 20-60 80-150 20-40
Speed per rep (% of max) 60-100 90-100 60-90 60-80 100
Training sessions per week 3-6 3-6 5-7 8-14 3-6