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Workout for Sports With Rotation.


Can someone recommend a workout or provide me with a link to a workout program to strenghten the core area for sports such as Softball, golf, hockey etc.. anything involving the rotation of the core. I seem to get a sore lower back by the end of the season so I would like a program to help with this.
Thanks in advance.


Hi Paul, and welcome to the forum. I may not be the best person to respond to your request, and I can't offer a program or liks to one specifically for core work, but I can tell you what I do for lower back and the core. I like doing Deadlifts, Good Mornings, heavy farmers walks, Zerker Good Morning, with the bar cradled in your elbows, knees slightly bent, and bend slowly forward at the waist. I don't do a lot of direct ab work, and I believe I have a pretty strong core. You'll probably find some good info in the article archives, I always do. Best of luck to you!


I like DZs suggestions but in addition there are a couple that target the twisting motion:
I like these exercises:

I also like woodchops:



The other exercise I wanted to tell you about is wall slams. They're called side throws here:


Daddyzombie and Stuward,
Thank you.