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Workout For Post Shoulder Surgery


Hi guys,
I'm just recovering from shoulder surgery and want to get back in the gym. I was wondering if anybody has any good tips or workout plans for me. Thanks for the help.


Without knowing what type of surgery or injury it was, I'll just outline what helped me. A few years ago I strained my rotator cuff in my left shoulder. Although certainly not as serious as a tear (and not requiring surgery) it did require some careful planning to get back to working out.

http://familydoctor.org/265.xml has some good exercises that really helped my shoulder feel a lot better. Additionally, you should have a physical therapist to take you through some exercises as well (bands are popular). From personal experience, doing these will help tremendously.

Another exercise that has helped are lying shoulder raises (imagine the 4th exercise on the linked webpage but lying on your side instead and not raising the dumbell quite as much as 45 degrees).

One more thing. Avoiding some exercises is as good as doing others. Avoid behind the head military press or lat pulldowns and beware of taking your upper arms past parallel on the bench press.


What was the injury?
What kind of surgery was performed?
What kind of therapy have you done/did you do pre/post surgery?

If you give us more info we can probably help!

Stay strong


Hey thanks for the info, the surgery was shoulder stabilization surgery. Basically i dislocated my shoulder literally like 30 times. It came to a point where a simple task such as opening a car door would dislocate it. I went through about 5 months of therapy for it. Thanks again guys.