Workout for My Wife

[quote]1 Man Island wrote:
I had to do them for PT when I was taking care of my knee, and trainers there seemed amazed that I could do them (NOT bragging), as in most folks that went there couldn’t do full ROM. Given that, I figured she wouldn’t have the strength for them…[/quote]
Could be that the PTs are used to injured people being unable to do them. If anything, the biggest hurdle most people have with SHELCs is the core stability. They tend to wobble and swerve around as soon as they bridge up, before even starting the curl.

I also like to use reverse hypers on the Swiss ball. Put the ball on a bench, lay stomach-down on the ball, and then, with a slow tempo (to minimize momentum):

I prefer to hold to top contraction for a full one or two-count, and don’t literally hyperextend like she is in the vid (coming up way high). You can eventually work up to holding a dumbbell between the feet, which also reinforces the cue to slow down the movement.

Not sure if it’ll fly if she does have trouble with unweighted SLDLs, but single-leg RDLs force a slower tempo (mostly due to balance) and can be used in a lower rep range to work everything from the ankle up to the glutes one leg at a time.

Ben Bruno has a ton of stuff regarding training with/after knee issues. Some might seem a little more advanced, but the principles should be adaptable.

That’s very cool to hear. It’s great that she’s self-motivated, and not just going through the motions of it all.

This kinda ties into my superset suggestion earlier. Most gals do seem to instinctively want to jump right into the next set instead of sitting around for a full minute or more. Fillers (simple mobility work done between sets) are one way of “tricking” them into spending more time between sets.