Workout for Mom

Hi. I’m designing a workout for my mom, a skinny-fat 52 year-old who wants to lose fat. I was wondering if the following full-body workout is good for her. We’re limited by home equipment and she has no time to go to a gym because she works all day (if she did, I wouldn’t be asking for your help). We only have a cable machine, a pair each of 2 lb and 10 lb dumbells, and a treadmill. Here’s the workout.

A1. Tabata thrusters w/ 2 lb dumbells (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, 4 minutes total)

B1. Cable deadlifts, 8 sets of 8 reps w/ 30 seconds rest between sets

C1. Cable machine chest press, 4 sets of 8 reps
Rest 30 seconds
C2. DB shoulder press (10 lbs), 4 sets of 8 reps
Rest 30 seconds

D1. Cable bent-over rows, 4 sets of 8 reps
Rest 30 seconds
D2. Lat Pulldowns, 4 sets of 8 reps
Rest 30 seconds

I’m harnessing the power of culmulative fatigue and lactic acid to make her lose fat, which is why the supersets are of the same muscle groups instead of being antagonistic. However, keep in mind the the loads used will be such that she will never go to failure but come close to it, especially on the last set of each exercise.

What do you think?

is your mom a 1 st time lifter. you need to bring into lifting very slow.she well be sore way more then you think and not what to keep is her base; body weight movements squats,pushup,seated dips,you may what to look into a swissball and use that together with the dumbbells.

I think her GPP is OK to do all these lifts. She does lat pulldowns and chest presses before, but a lot less systematically. I taught her bent-over rows and deadlifts recently. I already let her do Tabata thrusters a few days ago, and yeah, she became sore for 2 days. However, she was able to complete the set and she still wants me to train her.

She’s too weak to do a single pushup and seated dips can be too hard on her shoulders, which is why I’m resorting to chest presses. She is able to do half squats (via Tabata thrusters). We don’t have a swiss ball, but if we get to buy one, I might add another exercise.

You might get some ideas from this article

Full body lifting with some cardio on the off days is a great way to start. Just don’t push too hard, too soon. Encourage her to be proud of all her progress - fat loss, strength gains, conditioning and feeling good.

Stick with the basics - squats, deads, bench press/pushup, rows, military press, chinups/pullups, abs.

Encourage her to checkout and maybe post any questions she might have. Good luck to you both!

looking good do have to echo jillybop with the basics work on the body weight stuff full squats ect… you stated seated dips can be too hard on her shoulders, check this out Lean away lateral raise/scaption great pic of this here The Shoulder Training Bible love these. also front db raises/holds thinking no cable deads because bascis thing.

what about good mornings or staight leg think with adding a swiss ball in you would be able to bring up her pushups abs.good forum, good fun, everything else falls into place.