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Workout for Hulk-Type-of-Shoulders Girl?


We’ve all explained it to you, it’s because you’re starving yourself. I hope you know you’re beautiful, and that once you gain enough weight your physical ailments will subside. Your body is fighting to survive a serious lack of nutrition, and I implore you to listen to it. Until then, good luck.


It’s phenomenal progress. Hard to believe that’s 26 pounds, because you’re still a small person. Agreeing with Badger, You look great in your after picture. No, you don’t look skinny in an unhealthy, frail way. Look at how your thighs and hips have curves now, and more of an hourglass, feminine shape. You’ve done a beautiful job.


hm… what are you trying to show here? why is comparing such a painful thing for you? i’m looking for an advice here from professionals and qualified people and you popoing up with “please tel me i’m improving and not like her! pretty please!”
really weird situation… hope you’ll feel better now :blush:


it’s not an explanation! Don’t you read? How could you tell me I starve myself when each of my plate weight at least 500 gr. Only my breakfast every day contains of huge salad, 55g before boilng buckwheat and 4 eggs with yolks. Is it starving for you? Why don’t you read and giving labels to people beforehand?
I ask for an advice and not blind critic of shape.
Please read careful. I don’t have anorexia in mind or huge deficit like @girlgotguns
I eat tons of protein and vegetables, i just don’t eat dairy for a 1,5 year and don’t eat enough carbs. also don’t eat sugars. why is it anorexic then?
all of you discuss these products in different topics, explaining it useful(or not) in meal plan in scientific articles and now all of you judging me for doing the same. where is the logic?


@Chris_Colucci ,

I honestly think you need to step in and ban this user. It is either a troll or someone who is so mentally ill they are making themselves worse by interacting with the users on here. She is using posts from users who mean well to further advance her illness, and posts from those who dont know her to encourage her bad habits. Please consider doing something about it.

@itsallaboutfat , if you are sincere about “wanting to know what to do”, you need to take the advice of literally everyone on here and SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP IMMEDIATELY AND FOR THE NEXT SEVERAL MONTHS and probably the rest of your life to an extent.

Your problem is not your “belly”, you dont have a “belly” you are so emaciated that any abdominal contents are literally visible from outside your body. Your problem is not your training program. Your problem is not fruit, zucchini, or cardio

Your problem IS that your brain interprets reality incorrectly. You think you are fat. You think other users on here are trying to compare themselves to you and show you how much better they are than you, You think you are eating a lot.

The reality is that you are starving yourself, you are severely underweight to the point parts of your body are shutting down (you mentioned a lost period, hair loss, and at one point just the work “kidneys” with no other information… which is NOT good unless 'are functioning perfectly" was the next sentence). Diagnoses are impossible over the internet, but I am 99% certain that you DO in fact have anorexia. Your pictures combined with your stated health issues basically all but confirm this…

Again, please stop posting on the internet and get to doctor who specializes in eating disorders AND FOLLOW THEIR PLAN OF CARE.


Thanks. After reading, I want my 3 lbs back…calories here we come. As I’ve said recovering because it is still there but I have to fight it. It is a nasty nasty disease.`


Thanks, it is hard to watch someone self destruct and also trigger my thinking. I am more worried about my health, but I still allowed that paranoia in. :hugs:


Haha, yeah, my lower body seems to like food and heavy lifting I am reading so much now and I love the articles, too. Love all of you :hugs:. I hate seeing people suffer with delusions because I wish I could convince change, but instead I think I made it worse.


I AGREE. Thank you for saying this.


You were only trying to help! Its not easy sharing what you did, and you did it in what I can see as an honest attempt to help someone. You were brave to do it and you DID do a beautiful job getting healthy just like Puff seid!! You look so much healthier!!!

This ED shit is no f$cking joke! We recovered ED chicks know what its really like and there are a few of us floating on TN who understand how dicey things can be. Keep being strong!! You are encouraging maybe not to the OP – but someone who is lurking in the thread who sees what you write and it helps them!


Thank you so very much. It’s such an irrational disease that I see too many fall victim to especially with the more and more pressure on men and women at every age. Feedback like yours helps me feel better and hopefully I helpplant a seed in someone who is suffering. Anorexia isn’t living. You think you have control but really you’re outta control. Big hugs coming your way :hugs:. I don’t lift the pink weights, and I love how big the hugs are on this site :rofl: