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Workout for Hulk-Type-of-Shoulders Girl?


Haha! I can sport a bikini and have a bum my hubby asks to be covered up lol. This ole gal looks healthier than ever and happier. I know what matters in life now. I follow what I’m allowed to do compound exercises 3 days a week with heavy weight 2 sets of 8 but do an ekg after ever exercise…All all this rest has let my body take over and heal. I was seeing results but was overtraining. My body is allowing me to sleep, etc. Hopefully, my heart falls in line, too. As always, :hugs:.


TELL ME PLEASE IS IT WRONG AND SHOULD I BE WORRIED? I can easily feel fat balls under my skin with my fingers, and its not soft :sob:
should i add cardio? or cut carbs? or cut fruits?


Exactly seek help from a professional immediately. You are not accepting you are sick. I’ve tried helping you, but I don’t believe I have anymore energy. Plz seek help because you are killing yourself which is tragic!


Anyone else smell a troll?? I think this person is taking us for a ride. There are other places on the internet you can get the information you seem to want so badly OP, not here.


If you ask people a question and you get several different answers, it can be confusing. BUT! When you ask a question and every single person gives you the same answer, it is usually the correct one.
Everybody has told her the same thing. Eat! Apparently she doesn’t not want to fix the problem.


So sad ah, well


oh, my I just read your title. You want to smash stuff and have hulk shoulders. How does your mind “perceive” reaching that goal? Meaning in your mind, what are the steps to achieve that goal…


She thinks her shoulders and hands are already “hulk like” so she was hoping to find a way to minimize them… :confused: I agree with everything you’ve (and countless others) have told her about getting help. Especially since you’ve gone through this. I don’t think any of us here can help anymore.


you shouldn’t make accusations like that likely, because if you’re wrong, it only makes the problem worse.

And I talked to her off of this site, just fyi. so I can say your accusation is off base.


you’re misreading. she’s saying she already HAS those, and doesn’t want them. Because, as has already been pointed out, her self image is not based in the reality of what she actually looks like.


Thank you for clarifying. Are you helping her get counseling. Sorry I misperceived. I just am trying to figure out her true goal. Does she comprehend the severity of her disorder?


no, i’m saying i already have hulk shoulders. and i have started eat a lot more then before, so those huge arms and shoulders became even more huge. and this is not pretty. i don’t want to look like a woman who gave birth at least four kids so far. i want to be light and skin.
well, to reach this goal, as i can see now, i need to be bald. i’m considering start to use minoxidil but i’m not sure it will help me.

i’m not a troll. i told everybody before -i don’t have anybody to help me in real life. i can’t be very much social - i have neurogenic bladder so i’m stuck with depression and feel sorry i’m so stupid and have loose every opportunity to be a smart and successful person. i’m 23 and i’m nobody. i loose perfect hair, normal health, and normal body. i don’t have somebody to help me or care about me. so i had hope to find some help on this website 'cause i can read articles from here all night long. i love smart people from here…


Hun, when I battled anorexia I lost some hair, too. I know you see yourself one way. However, as we’ve repeatedly said seek professional help. You deserve to live a happy life. Numerous people have health problems but dig “deep” and fight. Hold on to something and fight. The mirror and scales are lying to you. Being healthy is the only thing to live for because you then have stability and joy…when was the last time you laughed…I bet it’s been awhile…let go of the disease controlling you and take care of yourself.


Ok I hate pictures. But would you rather skinny arms or hulk shoulders…yes, they’ve shrunk since I’ve been taking it easy. But maybe visually you can see how much healthier I look. That’s 26 more lbs of a difference. Honestly, do you think my heavier picture shows I have too much muscle? If yes, say so. But personally I feel much healthier and happier.


guys look
maybe somebody could explain it to me
this is blood test
i made it for hair loss and was surpsired… what should i do with it now… i don’t even know…

first one:
globulin a1
globulin b
globulin y


last one

whatta hell… how’s that possible with such high ferritin i have a bald head?..


… and you all told me i’m not a mutant…


ha ha… kiddo… you are soooo much skinnier then I am… you’ve better not posted this pics :slight_smile: you’re way thinner then me on both photos :slight_smile:


I was 100 and now am 126 and 5 3. I’m an anorexic in recovery which is fo ever and am showing you it is possible to gain. I posted a before and after. I’m refraining from engaging. Do you guys honestly think I look as skinny as her in my after picture. I’ve lost a little i know, but do you think I look sick? Just outta morbid curiosity cuz eating disorders mess with ya


Great stuff, 26lbs is a serious achievement under those circumstances.
Looking good in new pic! -healthy, slim, athletic etc


Ty for the feedback. Eating disorders ravage your mind and body. Appreciate kind words🤗