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Workout for Hulk-Type-of-Shoulders Girl?

Hey guys
Sorry dear moderators, I know it’s second post in one day but i really have time now and urgently need opinion-advice here.
Need to create some workout plan for this awful huge hands and shoulders. Also would love to have waist :smile:
Right now I don’t have any cardio and have only two workout session per week, which is seem like not enough.
I would love if somebody from our Titans trainers here or instructors or anybody with female-training experience will kindly take me under his wing :pray:

are you looking for a coach? I can recommend a handful of coaches who would work with you, at very fair prices.

If you’re asking for someone to give you a free training program, and/or coach you for free, I doubt you’ll find that.

In the meantime, it sounds like you don’t have much, if any, gym experience, so if I were you, I’d start your journey by reading in the articles, rather than the forums. There are many, many articles that will be helpful in getting you started. You can search by author if you find you prefer certain coaches or others, or you could just start off by finding random training articles and reading through them.

Most of the articles you’ll find here are centered around lifting weights. If that’s a problem for you, then you might not be in the right place, but if you ARE wanting to begin a 3-4 day per week lifting program, then there is a lot of information that will be useful here. I’ll also be willing to give some advice if you have specific questions or want some recommendations. You’ll just need to be a little more specific with a few things. those things include: what is your training and/or athletic background? Any injury history? What are your short and long term goals? What gym equipment do you have access to, and how much time per week do you have to dedicate to this?


Oh, wow, thank you so much.
I actually do have a lot of experience and know a lot of info starting from technique to nutrition information, Gi and GL of products, etc/etc/etc.
my previous coach was ms universe Kuzmina Maria, i started my way 6 years ago and tried a lot of diet/schedules/workouts.

I’m ready to pay and will be happy to hear your advices about right coach:)
the thing is i hate my body, lower abs, abd this huge hands. i don’t have any addictions in food/beverages/anythibg, so it’s not hard for me to cut off any product my coach want me to. it’s hard to add it vack though:) because i read a lot of articles with explanations and convience myself enough in useless of excluded food. so then i don’t see the point to include it again.
previous coach described me as surprisingly surviving type, even when in deficit and low carb periods :slight_smile:
do you really ready to hear about injuries and other info? i could share, i’m just embarrassed to take yor time, but very grateful for your responsiveness

well, nothing anyone can do about your hands…

I looked up Kumina Maria. Is her physique the type of physique you’re interested in achieving for yourself? If that’s the case, or if you want to look anything close to this, adding muscle and eating more calories is going to be essential. And I would recommend a bodybuilding-type split. As thin as you are, I would not recommend a lot of cardio.

Your shoulder structure looks wide, but I think a big part of that is because of how lean you are. Your torso is very thin/small, so it gives an exaggerated look of shoulder width. You’re also not carrying much muscle. If you add some muscle to your back, specifically your upper back and lats, I think that look would be less pronounced.

Let me know if you think I understand your goals well enough.

If I were you, I would read articles from the following coaches/authors: Chris Shugart, Christian Thibaudeau, Paul Carter, and Chad Waterbury. I’ve found that these authors give a good variety of perspectives, and have outlined multiple training templates that could work for you. Read through some of their training programs, and just pick one you like to start, and see where it takes you. Getting on a real weight lifting program for the next 4-6 months, and eating enough to grow, should have substantial positive impact on your body.

You don’t need to tell me about any injury history if you don’t want to. If it’s not extensive, it’s probably not necessary.


Workout plan for huge hands and shoulders? Oh my.

Clavicle shortening surgery. wink.

Sorry, @itsallaboutfat, that’s an inside joke here with men complaining that their shoulders aren’t wide enough.

We’re looking at only a couple of pictures of your back, so we can’t see shoulder to hip ratio, but I see no issue here at all.

You look very lean. I see some muscle on your traps, but you aren’t carrying much muscle on your back just going from these pics. All fine if you like a more small bikini look, but if you’ve been lifting consistently for 6 years, then you’ll need to eat more if you want more muscle. @ No waist? I see a waist, with a taper from shoulders.

If you don’t mind, what is your height and weight?

Please pardon the question, but do you have a history of body image issues or eating disorders?


Was this the same coach that told you not to eat dairy? Or food in general?

Good advice. I once ate a diary - it took a long time to get over the disappointment


In your other threads you talked about being on very heavy medication for serious clinical depression and major food issues.

Have you made any progress/changed meds?

Have you substantially upped your good fats like many experienced guys recommended?

Have you followed KSmans detailed advice that he gave you?


This little snippet here raises a giant red flag for me.

You’re the same user who more or less is still struggling with some form of an eating disorder, and probably some form of body dysmorphic disorder. You don’t have to be “addicted” to anything to have eating issues.

Your hands are fine. They’re hands.

Those three pictures you’ve posted up, are showcasing how rather malnourished you are. Your Shoulder blades, Spine, and the backs of your ribs are visible.

I’m not saying any of this to pick you apart. In fact, I think you’re capable of unlocking a much healthier version of yourself, and I’m going to have to ask if you’ve been seeing a professional? Consistently?

As it’s already been said, forget the training. Forget the coach, and the gym. If Puff is correct about the 6 years, I’m fully convinced it was six years of severely starving yourself. In which case, you’re going to have to put that much more time into healing yourself.

Have you been seeing a nutritionist or a psychiatrist or even just a therapist with experience in emotional and mental healing? If you want to walk occasionally, or swim, or do some body weight stuff that’s fine, but it’s truly in your best interest to find a healthy, happy medium, because Ms.Kuzmina doesn’t know your personal life. She doesn’t know what you’re susceptible to, what bothers you, how you’re feeling on a day to day basis, personal past instances, and I’m willing to assume she doesn’t care.

If you’ve been doing this already, just focus on healing yourself. A fitness coach is totally ignorant to issues like this. Most of them are at least. Take all that money you’re willing to pay for a coach and pay a professional that’s cares what’s going on in your head.


Okay smart ass! I guess I had that one coming! I’m blaming the phone.

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Sorry @itsallaboutfat.
I didn’t recognize your username, as the same young woman who has posted in other threads about anorexia.

I wish you the best, and hope you seek professional treatment. Please seek advice from individuals trained in treating eating disorders, even if it’s online help from someone who specializes in anorexia, if you don’t have access to good counseling or medical care in person. That would serve you FAR better than posting on a body building site. The appearance of “seeking help” or posting here to feel like you’re “doing something” is likely wasting time you don’t have. Well meaning posters who are unaware of your medical situation may facilitate you not seeking appropriate help.

Best to you,


i did all of that as much possible as i can without professional support from the outside. thank you for concern!

yes, she was the one. she doesn’t eat milk products either and assure me women body doesn’t require it and actually looks much better without this product in women’s diet

height 168
weight 45.7 now. gain some fat or water but who knows for sure :slight_smile:
yes, i do want to look organic :slight_smile: dream abot flat abs and tiny arms, but i’m more meso-endomorphe type of body, so i need to be on strict very clean diet. i was considering to add some eggplant or zucchini, but then read topic here about those products and decided to not play with fire :smile:
btw, who was worried i’m too skinny or anorexic? i’m look bigger, it’s awful. and i still haven’t add anything unusual to my diet, so this is the trick for me :slightly_frowning_face:
problems with body image you said… yes, i always hate my lower abs. it always looked like i’ve already given birth xD
it’s all started from that one problem zone. all 6 years i’ve trying to find a way to look like a normal girl. but all of them can have that flat stomach without cutting, dieting, they eat tons if sweets/fastfood/etc and run once a week, and I on the other hand see myself with flat stomach inly few months ago, on the point where i have no menses for 1,5 years, only 1/3 of my hair and deep depression with no helpful AD. is it really the cost of flat stomach? Tell me, Puff, please…

thank you very much for such a useful reply!! you’re an amazing person
thank you :slight_smile:

no, i don’t want to look like her, maybe like a smaller version. curvy but not massive.
lean and lack of muscles, i know :sadpanda:
i will read all authors you advised me and will keep you up to date :angel:

When a person comes across something they want and don’t have, there are 2 approaches that can remedy the situation.

One approach is to do whatever it takes to get what you want. If the ‘whatever it takes’ is a fair trade-off to you, this is a good option.

The other approach is what I think you should be considering, and that is to stop wanting the thing you’ve been trying to get. This can be mentally challenging, but I think you should really think about what it’s taking to get what you want in this situation. You’ve sacrificed your health, your overall well being, your hair, you’ve suffered from depression, and you haven’t gotten the thing you wanted. I suggest that you, with the help of loved ones and some therapy, work towards not wanting this anymore, and finding happiness and satisfaction with your body and yourself just as you are. Self-acceptance is a difficult thing. But you deserve to feel good about yourself without starving yourself, or losing your hair.


… said a man with a perfect body…
thank you. i will try to. but i don’t think on some point of your way in the same situation you would listen to this kind of advice and stopped workout on that one zone you hate and “just accept it”.
“I’m just accepting I’ll have chicken legs to the rest of my life, oooomm”- you will never hear from anybody :wink:

Instead of focusing on the spot you don’t like, make the rest stand out. Put enough muscle everywhere else.