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Workout For Female Client


I 'm going to start training a new client in the next week or so. She is very turned off by doing regular workouts with x sets of y reps. Even when it comes to exercise selection she would really rather stay away from regular lifting type stuff when with me (I am going to give her a couple standard weight workouts to do on her own, but for her session with me she wants to do "different" stuff).

I just wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions. I definitely think I am going to have her use an E.D.T. type system. Dumbbell swings, the olympic lifting progressions which will hopefully lead to her doing the full lifts will also be cool for her I think. Any other good ideas?



Tell her to shut up and listen to you the professional.


Hmm so lemme get this straight?She hired you to train her but doesn't want you to train her?Any specific reason for this?Just curious..

Anyways what about some more unorthodox stuff, like maybe sandbag work or light sledgehammer stuff?