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Workout for Beginner Trying 12-10-8-15


Any other simple easy to learn workouts would be appreciated it.


Are you brand new to lifting? If so I would recommend you try out a 5x5 program like Starting Strength, Stronglifts, or Madcow (my favorite, but it really doesn't matter which).

Starting Strength (the book) will also help you learn a ton about technique and how to do the lifts, etc.

If you're not so new, and know the lifts, etc. you could try Madcow (intermediate or advanced), WS4SB, or Jim Wendler's 5/3/1. All simple and easy to learn programs.


Explain why you're asking a question like this when, in the last two weeks, you've also started two different threads asking about steroids.

If you're "ready" for a cycle, your training and diet should already be great. So something doesn't compute. Good luck, don't break yourself.




-great answer