Workout for Armwrestling?

I have always wondered what workouts would help to make a better arm wrestler.

I have always assumed that doing a lot of Grip work would aid in the process but what else?

I actually JUST asked this question a few weeks ago. After doing a bit of research i found out the following things:

The muscles become less important as you start from you hand and aproach your shoulder, thus you should train the following.

1 - The fingers and hand are the most important. Grip exercises were mentioned. Another one is to hold a sledge hammer by the handle(upsidedown) with just your fingertips.

2 - Forearm is the next most important muscle group followed by biceps. Hammercurls were recommended.

3 - TECHNIQUE!!! This was actually the most important issue according to the pros. People who can lift the most don’t always win matches. There are actually moves and counter-moves you need to learn.

Do some reasearch and you will be amazed at how much more to it there is than big biceps, definitely more than can be typed here.

I think Smitty posted a pretty good article on the subject at the diesel crew site. Give it a look - these guys know grip.


I dont know exactly the rules of arm wrestling. But a guy once showed me(a skinny little guy) how to beat most people. He told me to hold the persons hand as long as you could, until the person gets tired from pushing yours. After than you throw in all your weight(using your shoulder and such) to throw their arm down all in one motion. I dont know if this is legal in a regulated arm wrestling match…but god damn does it work with your friends!

So work out those shoulders and back :slight_smile: