Workout for an Upcoming Tournament

ok guys/girls I have a grappling tourney coming up in about 7 weeks and need some help constructing a workout program to help me out. I basically train in jiu-jitsu and judo…my main emphasis though is jiu-jitsu…and in these next 7 weeks i don’t plan on adding any muscle im actually cutting weight right now(11lbs to go in 7wks)

i just need help on some GPP,HIIT,Weight training splits to fit in w/ my judo and jiu-jitsu…thanks

Hey, i’m a MMArtist my self, i sugest you use the Meltdown Training I (archives)for your wheight-work. Its also exelent for cardio and fat-burn…Try also GPP in the site-search.

yeah i looked into meltdown and it looks intense and would probably get me some good conditioning for my muscles, but i don’t think it has the explosion factor that I’m looking for

maybe some OLY lifts or more heavy compound lifts…

O.K. then look for Bear Season,that should fit your needs more

yeah i’m deff. going to try this…

how much more work capacity should I perform after doing this??? and how many times a wk can i do this??? just once???

you can do this 2-3 times a week and for the other stuff i guess you should read the beach-training articel 07/11/05
guess that should do it,tryed it myself with the bear season and loved it…

thanks for the input, i plan on implementing some of this into my workout…probably strength train 3x a wk…hiit two times a wk…and one longer cardio day…along w/ all my mat work

where do u guys think i can throw in some GPP???

MWF - Strength Training
Sunday - 30-45min cardio
Tuesday,Thursday - HIIT

11lbs in 7 wks easy.

how much time do u have?

look up MMA training article zach even esh did on elitefts Dot Com recently

excellent article

you can do the GPP as a warmup prior to your wheighttraining…