Workout for a Pencil Neck?

My neck is perfectly healthy, flexible, and devoid of stress pain, but it’s just too damn thin. That combined with my round face makes me look like a head bobber. For a picture, imagine George Lopez.

After a bit of research, most neck workouts I came across are either conditioning for athletes or just general fitness exercises that help with flexibility and back strain. I’m having trouble finding anything that emphasizes on the size of neck muscles, especially for beginners (nothing that can snap it, that is).

Is there a couple or more neck workouts I can add into my routine that build size, especially the width of the neck? Thanks for reading this post and any input is appreciated.

It doesn’t really work like that. You don’t need to workout just your neck, you need to workout your whole body. Workout your body and your neck will follow.


assuming you’re doing a basic workout already, adding in extra trap work should help. how frequent you work them depends on your recovery: train them as soon as your traps have recovered from the last time. if that means twice a week, go for it. Read about different trap exercises and recovery.

Deadlifts help a lot. if you aren’t doing them, well, do them. They will help with a lot more than your neck. Don’t neglect heavy squats either - they probably won’t give you “neck size” but there will be so many veins popping out of your neck on that last rep, it’ll make you feel good at least.

direct neck exercises? don’t know much. but here’s an article that might help;

train hard and results should start to show in a few months, maybe less. good luck.

I’ll take a different stance and say olympic lifts, especially the hang power snatch. It will rape your traps.

Thanks for all the replies. Also I’ve seen those neck developers and neck machines out there, but don’t know if they do any good.