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Workout for a 15 Year Old Male


Hi (I'm new to this forum and pretty new to gym work too),

I was just wondering what you thought of my workout and whether it is good or bad and what I should keep the same and what I need to change. My target is to lose a lot of the fat around the stomach and my thighs, whilst also gaining muscle especially around my arms and toning my chest more.

Some information about me:
- 15 (16 in about 2 months)
- Been going to the gym about 4-5 times a week for the past month
- 167lbs
- 5ft 10

My current workout:
- 10km bike
- 2.5km treadmill
- 2km rowing machine
- 3 x 10 reps on the machine weights such as:
Arm curl
lateral pulldown
Lateral lift
Chest press
Chest crunch
and then a couple of other upper body machine weights and then about 5 machines for my legs

The other thing that I was wondering was whether it was worth buying any supplements to help gain muscle and also lose fat? I've never taken anything like this before, so i'm not sure whether it is a good or bad idea to start using them at my age?
Also, i've noticed quite a big difference from doing that workout roughly 5 times a week for about the past 4 weeks as I have lost quite a bit of fat from my thighs and stomach, although I intend to lose more. I've also increased my strength and gained more muscular arms since I started too and as a rough indicator so you know how strong I am at the moment - I am currently doing 3 x 10 reps on 49kg on the machine chest press.

Hopefully somebody can tell me whether I am going in the right direction or not (and I hope i've posted this in the correct section!).



You are very, very far off from being on track :slight_smile:

Find a good bodypart split(might I suggest reading the "Do this routine, not that dumb one" thread in this forum) and do that before you do cardio. Then do cardio after weights.



What are your goals? Bigger? Stronger?

Personally I would pick up a good strength program to begin with. 5/3/1 or something would be good for you to start with.


Well I want to lose a lot of the fat I have on my body especially my stomach and my thighs currently which is why I was doing cardio too so that I could lose it faster? And then I also wanted to get stronger and for my arms to become more muscular and to tone my chest up.




need to be more specific. Whats your body weight and how much weight are you trying to lose?


I weigh about 167lbs and if I was to not put any muscle on and just wanted to get rid of fat I would want to go down to maybe around 155lbs, but obviously I will be putting muscle on so I am not actually going to lose really any weight as such


I am looking through my age and gender based programs and all I have that is close to what you are looking for is a program for a fifteen year old female or one for a sixteen year old male. Sorry. I am not finding anything for fifteen year old male.
But if I could offer some advice. If you perform pulldowns lateraly; you should get some coaching on your form.


Look up "Starting Strength"

You need to learn to squat, deadlift, military press, and bench press correctly. Try to find someone who knows how to perform these movements correctly, and who can teach you. Or alternatively, if you're a good visual learner, watch a lot of video and read about the movements and go from there. Then it's a matter of ramping weights up over time. I can't emphasize enough that the most important thing is to learn correct form. It'll prevent you from getting an injury that can put you into a lifetime of misery (slipped disc, SLAP tear in shoulder etc.)

Food is key as well - a lot of protein, veggies and healthy fats and a decent amount (200g or so) of good carbs (rice, potatoes). Start by eating around 2500kcal a day, adjust according to what happens to your weight. Try to keep weight the same or going up slightly (on a monthly basis - day to day variations happen).


I was intrigued by that too. He should have just kept the lat abbreviation instead of trying to write it out, ending up incorrectly writing it.

It's a lat pulldown. The latissimus dorsi muscles in your back.


Watch some videos on how to perform squats and deads. Then work on getting to a plate per side, then 2 plates a side, then 3 and so on.... Simples


If you're doing your squats right, your mom should tell you in a month that your ass is getting too big. That's what mine did!


oh boy...


Ok. 1st pick a program, heres a list of some proven ones:

5/3/1* Best choice
starting strength
rippetoes/bill starr 5x5

2nd-get your nutrition in line. read some articles on this site, nutrition isnt that complicated, so dont be intimidated.

Good protein sources-milk, eggs, meat, poultry, fish, protein powders
good carb sources- sweet potatoes, brown or whole grain rice pasta and bread, oatmeal
good fat sources- avacados, nuts, olive oil

Since your trying to lose weight, Eats lots of protein, a little bit of carbs, and a moderate amount of fat. Remember to eat copious amounts of vegetables, and take your vitamins.

If after 2 weeks you havent lost any weight, eat a little less.

3rd- conditioning. You also need to be conditioning, not just bc you want to lose weight, you should do this regardless. theres 3 main ways you could do this:

 1-steady state or distance running, biking, etc.
 2-sprints, hill sprints, prowler, sled dragging, etc
 3-complexes and stuff like that

Mix it up, personally I train 4 days a week, and like to alternate between group 1 and group 2 each day I train. Try them all out and see what you like and dont like, then do some coniditoning AFTER you lift weights for the day. I should warn you however, that you need to alternate some easier stuff from group 1 every other day, or ull burn yourself out.

4th- dont forget to stretch and warm up. Get a foam roller from elite fts (google search) and roll on it each day as well as stretching. You'll be thankful.


you 167pounds and you want to lose the "fat" around your stomach and thighs? gtfo


Read all the stickies in the Beginners section.



Since you are 15 years old, you don't need to worry about having abs. You won't be in college, and therefore concerned about getting laid all the time, for another couple years. Use that time wisely and get strong. Once you are strong it's easier to get abs anyway.

Check out Starting Strength.


You're 167lb, and 5'10. You need to worry about building muscle and getting stronger. You have a cardio regiment that would make an on-season BBer cry and commit suicide.

When you're 190, than start worrying.

Don't worry about all these fancy training protocols. Lift heavy, lift hard, get strong, get big.

You're arms and chest aren't your only bodyparts, you have shoulders, legs, and a back.

And so on.