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Workout For 58yo Woman/Noob

I’m wondering what to give a 58yo woman/noob (NEVER touched weights!!) whom came to me after she has seen what I have done with consistently working out with weights. All that she knows about is the 70’s type of cardio and high rep stuff.

We began to talk and she started saying she didn’t want to look all bulky and such, so I expoused the analogy of thrusting a 40lb kid to her hip without even thinking twice, but would only workout with 10lb dumbells. She’s tired of CURVES, and wishes to see better results.
Any thoughts. I’m just going to give her the push to start then if she stays with it I’ll give her some harder routines. But not sure where to start. She’s very busy with running a corporation so doesn’t have 2 hours 4 times a week if you catch my drift. I’m also going to have to give her a body-weight only plan for when shes on the road traveling. Thanks.

pay me half what your making off her and ill write you up something nice :wink:

I’m 48 and would recommend sticking to the old school basics, e.g., power clean, front squats, clean and press, dead lift. These types of lifts work everything plus build impressive cardio capacity. Use light weights and 8-6-4 for reps. She’ll think you’re a genius six months from now.

Check out the article “How to Build a T-Vixen” for some ideas. Also, www.F-HEIT.com has some basic beginner articles geared towards women. Good luck!

Thanks guys. I really appreciate it. And by the way …this is family. plus i dont charge for help. I’m not a trainer.