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Workout Focused on 12-15 Reps Due to Injury

I just had Labrum Surgery 40 days ago so happy to be back in the gym already. I have to stick to 12-15 reps so I am not sure how to approach. This was what I did for my first workout two days ago.

Everything 3 sets of 12-15 reps.

Superset db bent laterals, laterals and miltary press (all seated)

db bench press

lat pull downs

seated rows

leg extensions

leg curls

db bent rows

calf raises

smith machine squats

triceps extensions

high chair leg raises


Was the surgery for shoulder or hip labrum? Was any their any physical therapy recommended? What are your goals? What are your rest intervals? Why do you use the smith machine vs free squats?
I would do the compounds at the beginning, largest muscles get first priority. Also make it push/pull if you are going to do full body, meaning chest exercise, then back exercise, etc. You have a lot of unilateral (or so it seems) and isolation movements in there, it’s hard to get a feel for what you are trying to accomplish. Keep track of your poundage, too. It helps to track your progress and is a source of motivation.

Shoulder Labrum (sorry forgot there is one that is in the hip as well).

I started PT 12 days after surgery and did 18 sessions (6 weeks).

I am doing smith machine because the way I was injured was someone passing between my squat rack and deciding to push my weights out of their way.

I am an old lifter so I will be tracking progress. I just don’t know the best way to approach a program with this high of a rep range.

My goals are getting my surgeon to approve a return to normal lifting. When I did that I did a 4 day split, heavy lifts in the 5-8 range and got out of the gym quickly.