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Workout Evaluation?

Hi there,

Can I have some feedback on the following program, based on your articles, “Designing a Damn Good Program?” I chose my One Goal to be size, and selected the antagonist program with all exercises done at 10 reps, 4 sets.

Day 1 (Chest/Back): Bench press, wide-grip pullup, incline bench, one-arm row, dumbbell flye, lat pulldown
Day 3 (Biceps/Triceps): Standing barbell curl, triceps dip, hammer curl, dumbbell triceps extension, concentration curl, cable triceps extension
Day 4 (Quads/Hams): Back squat, romanian deadlift, leg press, glute-ham raise, leg extension, leg curl
Day 6 (Shoulders): Military press, lateral raise, dumbbell press, rear lateral raise, front raise

How does this look overall? Is Day 4 too overloaded on the lower back?