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Workout Duration + Warm Up


Hey guys. I know that its not recommended to lift for more than 1 hour. But what about warm-up? Should I count it in even though it's only steady cardio, dynamic stretching and warming up muscls on the cables with light weights. I love starting workout already warm and sweaty and if I try to squeeze everything into 1 hour my warm-up is not as it should be. Is lifting for about 50-55 minutes with 10-15 minutes of warmup going to be OK?


I'd say bout tree fiddy


Dont worry about it, imo.

You can get great progress from never being in the gym longer than an hour, and ive heard of (not actually seen) research that says going too long has diminishing returns, even possibly to the point of going backwards. On the other hand, alot of well resepected programs have you in there for hours.

My point is, dont get fixated on a certain time you should be in the gym. Worry about the other stuff and it will work itself out.

I will say though, if you feel you are there too long, dont start skimping on the warmup.


The 1hr rule is BS. If you ever get strong your squat will last longer than an hour sometimes. Never short your warm-up!


The one hour guideline is really only for bodybuilding/muscle size purposes and doesn't relate to PL. When training for strength you'll take long breaks between sets (several minutes easy), do lots of warm-ups and work sets, those things take time. If you workout is over 2 hours you might be better served breaking into 2 separate workouts (even on the same day) if your schedule allows that but in general the more time you practice something the better you will be.


Ditto long workouts that get between 2-3 hours, we take a food and "supplement" break half way in and then finish up the last half.