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Workout Duration Using SARMs


Should I be working out for longer periods of time using SARMs. I'm using lgd-4033 and I just wanna know if I would see greater results from a longer workout or if it's the same as if I weren't using them


I’m taking lgd and yk11 along with Test cyp and my workout routine is basically the same as off cycle… some days I go longer than 2 hrs… some days, it’s like 45-1hr. I go hard as long as I feel well… any pain in joints or soreness and I know it’s my body saying enough. I’ve seen massive change. I’m only 5weeks in and have another 5 to go. My protein intake is wayyy up though because the SARMs are making me hungry. I put good in and it’s working. I say go as hard as possible without hurting yourself. Also I shorten breaks between sets to speed up my workouts… this is prolly the biggest factor in the amount of time.e it takes for me to feel spent…Good luck man! And be ready for your PCT… I know I’ve got mine…