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Workout Drinks

Just wondering what do you guys consume during a workout session. Ribose, Gatorade, or is it plain ol’ water? Thanks,

Water. It may not be absolutely optimal, but
since I have a preworkout shake and supplementation one hour before working out,
then work out, the postworkout shake, food
and supplementation is only 2 to 2.5 hours
later, so basically there was a continuous
flow of nutrients. So I don’t worry about it.


Call me old fashion, but I stick to the H2O.

I dump a tiny bit of crystal light in a gallon of water. It stimulates thirst so I drink more, plus It just tastes better than water.
I used to go with some cytomax or gatorade. I feel I could last longer in the workout, but I would not be able to drink my post workout drink. With crystal light, I’m able to down the drink with ease.

I’ve heard that sports drinks can help you go through a longer workout with a little more energy, but I stick with water cause and keep the workout under an hour because I’ve read that such long workouts can be more detrimental than helpful.

I used to drink a BCAA/glutamine concoction, flavored with crystal light and experienced some discomort during exercises that involved abdominal contraction. Now, I drink this concoction 30 minutes before training, and I drink plain water during the workout with much better results. I think studies have shown that the stomach absorbs water far faster when it is pure than when anything is mixed in with it.- Nylo