Workout drink for hockey

Can someone reccomend a drink i can consume during roller hockey? I play goalie and sometimes feel very fatigued in the 3rd period.


I would recommend using Glutacene during your training, possibly along with some glucose/maltodextrin(50/50), and 5g of ribose added also. You may need quite a high dosage of Glutacene, 30g or so, to get the full benefits though.

Try Power Drive and a cap of ephedrine (MD6 would work too) 45 minutes before the game. Mid -game, pop another cap with some Gatorade.

thanks guys for the quick responses, i will give that a shot.

Don’t forget protein, in liquid form, of course, and watered down considerably so you don’t feel bloated. I actually prefer that to the carb drinks, especially since endurance exercise kills those little branched-chain amino acid guys.

Chris, I am taking md 6 through out the day and i play hockey at night. I dont want to take md6 at night cuz i need my beauty sleep. Would power drive 45 minutes prior to the game and water during the game cut it?

TC, What would be something very light (calorie wise) i can take after the game to protect the muscles?

Thanks guys, i cant believe im actually getting advice from chris and tc.
Keep up the good work.

Give it a shot and see how you feel, derek. Maybe you can save one cap of MD6 for before the game and still be able to sleep well at night. If not, try it without and see how that works. I know a lot of pro ice hockey guys have used Power Drive with success.

After a game, try some protein powder in water if you want something quick and light, or maybe half an MRP.


I have ordered powerdrive and i should have it any day now. I had a game last night and by the middle of the second period I was ready to puke. It very hot last night and my team played like crap so i was flopping all over the place. Anyway, can you tell me if the product surge is good to help recover from a sport like hockey or is it just meant for weightlifting? and do i need a full serving of it to be effective? can i use a half dose since im trying to lose some weight still.

Hmmm, I’m starting to wonder if there’s another factor causing you to “bonk” during games. You mentioned you’re trying to lose fat. That’s tough to do in-season for an athlete. Maybe your carbs or overall calories are too low to support peak performance? Or maybe you’re overtrained?

As for your question, John Berardi, who helped design Surge, has mentioned something before about taking it after cardio sessions. I’m sure this would apply to games too. Not sure of your bodyweight, but one regular serving (2 scoops)should really help with recovery. That’s 49 carbs, but after intense physical activity, you don’t have to worry about that “turning to fat”. It’s exactly what you’re body needs at that time. I’ve done a moderately low carb diet using Surge plus 100g of carbs from other sources. I lost fat fine and my workouts never felt flat.

Keep us updated on how the Power Drive works for you.

Biotest Surge is great during and after games and training sessions. Since my current weight-training schedule is light, these are the main times I use it. Try a serving between periods to keep you going throughout the game. Later!

I played ice hockey for my high school and we only played w/ 2 lines for most of my last playoff game(we lost in triple overtime 2-1) and the only sports drink I had was water. I took some ephedrine too. (and I don’t play goalie btw)

um…lots of water? ok fine, maybe that is not the ‘popular’ choice, but you may be having the problems from simple dehydration

I may try to use surge during the game if JMB thinks it will help. I am currently in a weight loss mode and work out 3 times a week, play hockey once a week and do 20 mins of cardio 2 times a week. When i started my weight loss program i was about 203 im now about 186 and my goal was to get to 170. SO i can say im still not in prime shape, so that may be the reason i bonk. By the way I dont want to sound like a commercial for biotest bu i truly believe that the supps i have used have truly helped me shed the weight.