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Workout Drink Cocktail

Since supplements like omega 3 fatty acids increase insulin sensitivity, would it be more beneficial to use some flax seed oil in your workout drink (Gatorade/power drive/glutamine) mixture. Could that then increase the effectiveness of your post workout meal?

NO you don’t want to slow down digestion of Protein and carbs, but try this if you want to increase effectiveness:

50mg Glucosol( Corosilic Acid)
50 mg of Inzitol (d-pintol)
200mg of ALA

I think it depends on what your goals are. I have always had an issue with controlling my bodyfat, it’s difficult to keep my fat stores low. So, I always add flax oil or meal to my post workout drinks…that way, I avoid the insulin spike. But if you don’t have an issue with gaining weight, then don’t add fat to the shake. It’ll be absorbed much faster, and technically be a more efficient recovery drink.

I think there are conflicting theories about this. One side says that the oil will slow down the absorption and therefore it is desirable for weight control or undesirable for max muscle gain. If you ask John Berardi, he would probably say that you should save the oil for a protein meal to minimize the chance of the oil being stored as fat due to the synergistic insulin release from the fat+carb combo. As for the insulin sensitivity, I think that comes from a continual supplementation, not instantly from inclusion in a meal. Kinda like vitamins. The results are gradual.

I got better results from eating 3s in a meal multiple times during the day for insulin sensitivity that carried over to my post-workout than I did when I did the above and added 3s to my post-workout

i think he’s asking about adding it to his drink that he drinks during work out (the one mentioned by JB). As for adding them in i dont know. maybe JB will chime in here.

I don’t think omega 3’s have an acute effect on insulin function , rather the effect is constant.

Charles Poliquin stated that the consumption of high-dietary fats after workout will inhibit/decrease the production of testosterone.

If this is true, the answer to your question is a definite, No go with the fat.

Fish oils do not increase insulin sensitivity in an acute situation. The only do this with CHRONIC dosing. You see they have to be incorporated into cell membranes before they can have their beneficial effects. Adding them to the PW or Workout shake will do no good for several reasons…1) Will dramatically slow the digestion and absorption of nutrients 2) Will add fat to the blood during a high insulin meal. Finally as someone suggested, the addition of fat to a pw meal will certainly not prevent insulin secretion or an insulin spike. The spike will be the same but now you have fat in the meal too…Not so good!