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Workout Dilemma on Deadlift Day


Today i went to failure on the deadlift 13x225lbs and by the time i was done my lower back was just inflamed llike mad. I was supposed to do Lunges and Leg Curls after but I couldn't it was to painful. So instead i did some touch up work on other body parts about 3 other exercises.

My question is what am i supposed to do for when that happens on leg day? In general from squats or Deadlifts my lower back usually acts up, ive learned to deal with it but sometimes it just acts up real bad and it sucks feels like a wasted day.


I can't do high rep DLs for that reason. Any reason why you wouldn't go lower reps on these and higher on something less taxing on the lower back?


In general, the bodybuilders that like to do high rep deadlifts to "failure" at the end of their workouts, first of all do that on back day, and secondly do it after they've done all their other exercises.

I wouldn't do conventional deadlifts on a legs day, nor would I take my reps any higher than about 6. If I did my lower back would feel like hell too.


I think a recent thread is being cloned, and I'll say again that you'll get the most from compound movements when done on a lower rep range. You could've taken the load to over 315 I think, and I also think that that would've promoted more muscular hypertrophy. You have to be aware of the capabilities of your body, combined with common sense; you said you were fried and felt fucked to do lunges and curls, on the first instance a problem has appeared. But common sense could've told you DL's were gonna fry you, hence limiting your subsequent exercise choices.

Change that bro, I've tried to make my leg training ultra hardcore adding heavy deadlifts, but most of the time they don't work THAT well, besides fatiguing your body to the highest degree (among with the squat, not telling the second's a bad), sucking energy and increasing the probability of lesser training frequency.


Yes, do deads on back day. For me doing deads and squats or other leg movements on the same day would kill me. Or leave one option severely lacking as going all out on one would leave me spent for the other.



Posting a video would be great to check out what's going on.
I mean do you feel your glutes, hammies and upperback getting hit hard also? I have found when my form was on point those above^ got hit the best and my lower back did some work yet not the majority of it.

example of how to properly do high rep deadlifts, which I'd agree would be best done on a day you're doing upper body work and saved for last.


Well when i do deads i don't feel Pump in my back or glutes. I feel it in my legs which might be an indication that my ass might be to low when I lift off, I always thought that keeping your ass low was good but after i was on T-Nation and watched vids i realized having your ass to low makes it harder to lift up the weight because you need more leverage from that position.

So I try to keep my ass higher but im sure just out of shear habit i probably do put my ass to low sometimes.

Right now i can feel the soreness starting to set in, in my back and slightly in my legs. Tomorrow im sure will be alot more.


This looks good too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-EK88MEwgk


hell yeah it looks damn good


Here's my take on it: There's a few people that seem to be affected in the legs by deadlifts. You're not one of them... obviously. So this would automatically make the deadlift a great back exercise for you. Since you're doing squats (Right...?) switch out your D/Ls for Rack pulls. Set the bar slightly above or below your knees.

This will immediately help your CNS recovery and your lower back, but you'll still get all the benefits of deadlifts.

I'd recommend doing them first on your back day - For you, I'd do something like:

95 x 10
165 x 6
235 x 4
315 x As Many As Possible

Or something like that. You may want someone like Cephalic_Carnage or Sentoguy to make sure the ramp sets are good, proper, intervals. If you do this every week, though, and add 5-10 lbs per session, you'll be moving very heavy weight very fast.


This may be a hard one, I know cuz the next day I'm demolished. Do you have the time to go to gym twice in one day? I have started going at 0500 to do my cardio and assisted exercises. Then after work hit the big lifts which take me less than 1hr; maybe even 45 mins. The next day I'm spent and that is a much needed rest day. However, next day I'm ready to go again. I go
Mon (Squats), Weds( Bench), Fri (DL). This has been working for me due to schedule, kids so forth.

As far as back pain, I will have to agree with some of the above posts. Cut the volume down, increase weight.


With my previous post denouncing squatting I hope this post doesn't make me sound crazy.


I don't see a place for deadlifts in a bodybuilding split.

I absolutely love deadlifts! But I think rack pulls are far more effective for isolating the back. I deadlifted for 3 years before I started rack pulling to build a solid strength foundation. Deadlifts are great for building back thickness but become tricky to fit into a good split because of how many different muscle groups are involved.

This is all assuming that you aren't doing deadlifts to build your legs. If you are, I think you are taking the long road to bigger legs. JMO of course.


I wouldn't apologize for a statement like this. As long as people understand that it is about a person's goal. A PL would curse you out, a BB would probably embrase you. I think you made a pretty good point. I incorporate rack conventional DL pulls to help me in my lockouts when I pull using sumo sytle.


I prefer rack pulls over deadlifts for bbing... Done on back day as the last exercise.

Or simply rotate deadlifts and squats from week to week. I can't do 2 big ass low-back involving lifts in the same week ... At least not for medium-high reps.

Also, if your low-back gets "inflamed" from those deads, you're likely either losing your arch or arching too hard (and thus weakening your hip drive)... I guess it's the former.

Check your technique...

Also, consider not doing them touch and go.
A lot of people seem to like it, I personally don't... I lift double-overhand and with straps on my high-rep sets (while training DC I used to do a 6-8 rep set and a 8-12 rep set or sometimes the other way around).
Usually have to readjust the straps between reps or reapply my grip after the first half of the set...

So try treating every rep like a single, make sure you're real tight, etc.

In bbing, with all lifts generally being done in the moderate or even high rep ranges and with practically every lift being a main lift/a lift you want to progress as fast as you can on, you really have to watch how many low-back involving lifts you do and when you do them in the week...

If I do rack pulls or deads on back day, I will do something like hacks, front squats (rarely as those involve the upper back quite a bit and that part is usually shot after back day, too), leg press etc for quads instead of back squats.

Also consider bent-over rows and such (I'd do them before deads, not after) as well as Stiff-legged or Romanian deadlifts for the hams... I only do one deadlift variation OR backsquats in a week..

Rev hypers and Glute-Hams are the exception, those are imo fine do to in the same week as deads/squats.



I've never had a problem with deadlift placement, probably because I do it "improperly". My legs straighten out almost automatically and I lift all with my back. Might be "improper" but at least it keeps my legs out of it.

Rack pulls are great...but sometimes I just feel like lifting weight off the floor haha.


Some people's deads are closer to RDL's, others almost make it a squat+back extension...

Yeah, you just wait until you're stronger... Most people wear themselves out when doing too many low-back lifts (for reps) in a week... It doesn't necessarily happen immediately, but it's likely to ultimately affect your strength increases negatively overall/ result in overall fatigue.


True true



How do you feel about a bodybuilding split where you work legs twice a week, once in a workout centered around squats, and another time in a deadlift-centered workout?