Workout & Diet Plan for Older Guy on T Replacement

56 years old; been lifting on/off for years and am obviously a ‘lifter’. 5’10" 225lbs and guessing 18% bf. I’m on HRT and just started Arimidex two weeks ago; doc knows what she’s doing.
I’ve been lifting a less-hardcore version of Doggcrapp and really love it. My main ‘go-to’ for a long time has been Mike Mentzer inspired plans and they’ve worked well for me but doing heavy dips in the 2-4 rep range isn’t smart for me nowadays.
I cannot find anything that address a) my age b) the HRT and c) the desire to lower bodyfat.

Any suggestions? If I keep hitting this brick wall, I’m going to do the Ultimate Diet 2.0.
thanks in advance.

I know you stated you’re working with a competent doctor, but desiring low body fat requires optimal Free T3, optimal Free T3 would be between 3.8 - 4.4 pg/mL and Reverse T3 <15ng/dL. I had my DNA tested to determine the best types of food for weight loss, what better way to figure out how my body processes certain foods.

Where and how do I go about this test so I can find the same.

Right. That sound optimal and am interested as well.

Googled it and you can have a nutrition expert or it looks like you can do this online as well.

I stopped going all out with heavy reps a couple months back and have actually saw more progress and felt better than I ever have. What I found was that pushing 50-70% 1RM on each exercise for 3 solid controlled reps, then 3 really slooooowwwww reps, and then blast out controlled reps until failure. I only count the reps after the 3 slow ones. If I get more than 10, it’s time to go up in weight a little bit, or slow the 3 slow reps down a little more. The point of this style is “time under tension”. Going to failure on every set and doing it with a light enough weight that you don’t destroy your joints and support muscle groups in the process. Give it a try and see what you think for yourself.

Just a couple of years younger than you. I’ve had to change my philosophy of “go big or go home” that I basically lived by for the last 25 years or so. Too many injuries and I’m getting ready to have my THIRD rotator cuff repair surgery in a few days.

My suggestions to you are to decrease weight, increase volume, ensure perfect form, and focus on activation of the muscle. Stop chasing numbers and you feel better with less injuries.

If you really want to lose fat, then you should consider HGH. At least 90 days but 120 will be better. I ran 5 IU of HGH during a blast and lost 20 pounds with a 4 inch reduction in my waist and kept most of my muscle.

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Thanks. I go to a ‘t clinic’ and they did mention HGH in the past so maybe that’s an option. Appreciate the advice.

FYI, it ain’t cheap Brother! LOL But for me, it was the magic pill. I lost weight while still eating surplus calories.

My theory for me personally is, that I have sleep apnea and natural GH production is done at night during good sleep. I think I was deficient in GH production and when I supplemented, it all came together.

You increase hgh by taking peptides right

No. I took 5 IU of GH every night for 3 months. Some guys on this forum have had success with peptides but I just went straight to the source

Oh interesting I thought it can’t be prescribed unless you have a condition. I guess having the right doc matters :slight_smile:

I self treat, so I rely on UG sources but they are good as evidenced by my results.

Thanks everyone. Any advice re cutting fat via diet?