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Workout + Diet Advice (Pictures + Details Included)

Hey everyone,

Im a new member here but this looks like a very good site.

I am here to get some help and advice to help me achieve my fitness goal.

Right now, I am 16, 6’0, and only 147 lbs.
My goal is to at least reach 190 pounds, but I will continue to grow, so this number will grow also.
I understand some basics about what I need to do, but I do not know alot in this area.

So basically what I need is advice on meals and eating plans, such as how many meals a day, how much protein a day, types of shakes or bars to buy, types of food to eat etc etc

Then I will also need a good routine to maximize the efficiency of my equipment so I can gain the muscle I want. Below are pictures of my equipment at home. For right now, this is all I can use, so please if youre developing a workout routine, set it to this machine.

On the picture above, on that pole, there’s supposed to be a flat plate for your legs. I have it, just need to get the screw to put it in.

Any advice is GREATLY appreciated, as I would like to start making progress towards my goal now. Just on a side not, I’ve always been very skinny and my dad was the same way, but he is now 235lbs. The last couple months or so I have been working out once a week maybe, having a protein shake about the same, and trying to eat a bit more. I have gained about 8 pounds so it looks like I may be starting to gain weight naturally? I hope so. Just thought I would throw that in if it helps at all.

Thanks alot in advance,


Read Thibaudeau’s articles for beginners and then go from there. Pretty much everything you’ll ever need to know, especially as a beginner, is on this sight, you just have to read around.