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Workout/Diet Advice Needed

How’s it going?
Im 17 years old, a senior in high school. I’ve been working out for about two years now. Let me get to the point first of all: I need some direct advice on how to accomplish several goals.

These goals are: getting bigger to look better in my tux for senior ball (2 months), keep working on gaining until the summer so I can look good on vacation, and most importantly use this new weight and muscle for better distance and control in golf next year in college.

17 years old
165 lbs; 6Ft 1In
Bench (Barbells): 70s (3 Reps)
Deadlift: 180 (3 Reps)
Squat: 170 (2 Reps) …Need Help!

Sorry I don’t know my calories exactly but here is some general information.
Breakfast- bagel, banana, orange, weight gainer (ON-Serious Mass: 600-700 cals/shake, 40g protein, <10g sugar)
Lunch- Usually chicken or turkey sandwiches, protein bar
Dinner- As much food as possible; weight gainer shake
Pre Workouts- Muscle Milk shake
(Snacks- fruit, vanilla yogurt, oatmeal, peanut butter, etc)

I am currently finishing up the “Easy-Hard Gainers Workout.” It is going very well for me. I have gained almost 15 pounds (the end of basketball season also helped) and can lift a lot more.
Is there any advice for me on how I can improve my diet, workout regiment, LEGS, etc. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I want to be able to look at old pic and laugh my ass off.

I will answer any questions regarding stats, numbers, etc if needed.

Thanks, Chris

First, thanks for posting numbers that look real and don’t make me wonder how much you’ve inflated them. Good start.

The go-to eating plan for putting on serious size is Berardi’s “Massive Eating Reloaded”, which is an optimized version of the first “Massive Eating” series. It’ll give you a good sense of how much you should be eating, what sorts of things to eat, and how to combine foods (protein + fats, protein + carbs) for serious results. If you haven’t read those articles, start there.

I’ll be curious what other posters think, but 2 months might not be enough time to gain weight that would be visible with a tux on…it takes me longer to put on mass that I can see.

Workout-wise, are you including the big compound lifts? Squats, deadlifts and deadlift variations, bench press, rows, etc? If not, those are key for putting on size.

Pick a workout plan from the “Training” section on the left. Joel Marion’s “Ripped, Rugged and Dense”, Chad Waterbury’s stuff, the Westside for Skinny Bastards (you’re seriously skinny if you’re 6’1" and 165, dude) article, etc. You may have to experiment to find what you respond to best to put on size in terms of loading parameters (sets/reps).

If you want to emphasize your legs, put them first in your workout day and workout week. It makes more of a difference than you might think.

Also, you don’t refer to any post-workout shake. Make sure you’re getting adequate carbs and protein AFTER you work out. Pre-workout is good, but pre and post is better. Make sure you’re eating before bed, too.