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Workout Critique


Does this look OK for a 3-day full-body routine? What should I change? Any other suggestions?

A1 Incline BB Bench 3x8
A2 BB Rows 3x8
B1 Military Press 3x8
B2 Close-grip Chinups 3x8
C1 Back Squat 3x8
C2 Reverse Hypers 3x8

A1 Flat BB Bench 6x4
A2 Cable Rows 6x4
B1 Dips 6x4
B2 Deadlift 6x4
C1 Split Squat 6x4
C2 Glute-Ham Raise 6x4

A1 Decline DB Bench 2x12
A2 One Arm DB Row 2x12
B1 Arnold Press 2x12
B2 Wide-grip Pullups 2x12
C1 Front Squat 2x12
C2 Romainian Deadlift 2x12


Hey bro looks brutal but pretty good. Id make one change for sure id switch the incline pressing on Mon. with the Flat on wed. see on mon you are thiniing incline the overhead pretty close there in the lifting pattern. get some variance with the flat. That will have you doing then what was it Dips on wed with the incline then.

eat a ton and rest that RDL, front squat superset looks like a beast and doing it LAST???

My 2 cc,


Thanks, Phill. I'll go ahead and swap those two bench exercises. Also, I'm going to move that front squat/rdl to first on that day. I didn't even notice those until you mentioned it, which is why I posted this.

Thanks, again.


Looks interesting, let us know how it goes. The only other thing I can see depends on your hamstring strength. If possible, I would switch the GHR with Romanian deads, I think the set/reps are more suited that way. However, if you can't do 12 on ghr, then do it the way you have it and add resistance to your ghr as possible until you can.



Thanks for the info on that. I think I will switch those two (RDL and GHR)



That looks like a good program and I think I will give it a try too.

I was wondering if anyone could indicate me what would be a good rest time between pairings for each days?

Thanks for help.


I wouldn't think you'd need more than 60-90 seconds between exercises. Maybe a little more on the lower rep days if you go real heavy.