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Workout Critique Please

this is a workout plan i’m thinking of doing

i’d hit the gym M,W,&F, alternating between these two workouts… that is, ABA one week, BAB the next

workout A:
front squats
flat bench (alt: BB, DB)
pullups (light)
overhead press (atl: DB, BB)
seated row
weighted crunches

workout B:
lying rows
incline bench (alt: BB, DB)
pullups (heavy)
decline (alt: DB, BB)
hanging pikes

sets i’m not sure, perhaps 3 per exercise, perhaps less for some than others

what do you think? more leg work? how would you change it?

Firstly I would suggest that you find a program on the site here and go with that for a while. If you don’t want to do that then I would change your set rep scheme every day.

3x9…4x6…8x3…2x12…5x5…it won’t get too boring this way either. It’s similar to CW’s TBT.

This is a pretty basic push/pull regiment. Depends on what type of results you are seeking. Personally I lift 5 times a week. I hit each body part twice but only hard once a week, then the other day I do more light training. For example I do light chest on Wednesday, 2 exercises maybe a dumbbell press and light smith machine incline.

Then I go heavy on sunday with bench, incline dumbbell, floor presses, flyes etc. This is just what works for me, everyone is different but I have had great results with this program. My strength and size have increased drastically. Just make sure you always keep the body guessing, switching up reps and sets with forced reps . . drop sets . . so on. Good Luck