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Workout Critique Please

hey guys, just airing out my new workout, figured if anyone had any suggestions/critique i would like to hear them as im sure there is lots im forgetting about.

so ive bulked to a weight of 220 from 170 from the time i was 17 to 20. im preparing for timed runs associated with a job application so ive been dropping weight from 220 down to about 190 over the course of the last 4 months and have upped cardio as much as i can without crying.

my stats @ 220 and 5’11
BP: 305 x1
DL: 400 x1
Sq: 335 x3

currently ive lost about 25lbs off all those lifts but that is to be expected with the weight drop.

MY MAIN GOAL for the next 4 months is to drastically improve run times while at the same time maintaining the strength i have left.

so to keep the muscle on im keeping the protein at 1.25g per lb
strenght routine goes as follows

flat bench 5x5
incline 5x5
weighted dips 4x10
incline flys 4x10

  • 2.5m run

deads 5x5
pull ups 4xfail
seated rows 4x10
bent over row 4x10

  • 2.5m run

3.0m run

military press 5x5
shoulder flys 4x10
shrugs 4x10
delt raises or w/e their called 4x10

  • 20min of stat bike

Squats 5-7x5
calf master 5xfail

Sat/ Sun Offf!!

if anyone has any changes im all ears, always down to try new exercizes/ new combinations. thanks.

maybe a bit more pulling, praps on thurs eg pullups for equality

i would add in some more upper body Bodyweight exercises. Such as Planche. I would take out Shrugs. Add shoulder press.
and sweet goodness, SQUAT MORE.

depends on your goals and diet though…
to increase speed. you need to SQUAT MORE and Sprint. not long runs. SPRINT.
you can’t optimally work endurance and speed.

Squat more also do more overall leg work
only two leg exercises + deadlift isnt enough
add front squats or another quad exercise and hamstring work

Squat will work the ham’s and quads. Squat, DL, Power Clean/Snatch.

Squat will work the ham’s and quads. Squat, DL, Power Clean/Snatch.