Workout Comments/Suggestions

Workout looks as follows:

All exercises are 5x5 with 90 rest between sets.
Monday - hack squats, bent over rows, bench press.
Tuesday - deadlifts, military press, bicep curls
Wednesday - 10 min HIIT
Thursday - squats, bent over rows, incline bench press.
Friday - romanian deadlifts, military press, bicep curls.
Saturday - 10 min HIIT
Sunday - off

I change up the sets/reps to 6x4 or 3x8 occasionally and vary my rest times between 60 and 120 sec.

Just looking for general comments / suggestions on the quality of the above workout…

Not too shabby. What are your goals, and how long have you been training in general?

I would consider the following:
-Take out one of the barbell rows, and throw in pull-ups or chin-ups.

-Drop the bicep curls. Especially if you follow the above suggestion, direct arm work wouldn’t be necessary.

  • I like that you’re varying the set/rep protocol. But I’d try to hit at least two of those parameters each week, since your exercise selection is pretty similar. For example, week 1, 2 workouts are 5x5, two are 3x8. Week 2, 2 workouts are 6x4, two are 3x8. Week 3, 2 workouts are 5x5, two are 6x4. Something like that.)

I say keep the rows and add chin/pull ups. Your allready doing more pressing then pulling

My goals at this time are to basically drop my bodyfat % and increase my overall strength. I am 6’-4" and around 230lbs. I have been lifting seriously for only about 3 months now and have cleaned up my diet as well. I will definitely take your advice on the set/rep modification. I had considered doing that before, but wasn’t sure if it would be changing it up to often.