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Workout Clips

Workout clips from yesterday

Please right click one each and save before watching!

Tuck jumps - kinda look funny :slight_smile:


Hang Powersnatch - 105 and 115lbs x3 - still jumping too much :frowning:


Combo Paused Full Squats with 255lbs 3x3


Love those tuck jumps! They do look funny but I guess they’re good for explosive power. I’m lacking there.

It’s for reactivity :slight_smile:
Kills my VMO and abs too!

here was the workout that day from my journal :slight_smile:

Saturday 25th October - General Workout - Week 2 - Day 1 - Lower Body - Late Afternoon

Well I felt much better this workout than last week, power is starting to come back.

Ohhh man my lower ab wall was saturated from the plyos, especially the tuck jumps. I didn’t notice until I tried to get up from my post workout stretching! :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally have my stopwatch back in order.

A little bit longer than I’d like though.

Workout Rating - 8/10

Workout time - 1.5 hours

Warmup+ CoreWork

Rest - 30secs alternating between each exercise. 1min between pairs.

Back Extensions x8, +5lbs x8

Incline situps x8, +5lbs x8 with Russian twists to each side at the top.


rest 45secs

Low ankle jumps - 2x10

rest 1min

High ankle jumps - 2x10

2 legged Short Horizontal Hops - 2x10,

Single Leg Short Quick Horizontal Hops - 2x10 - 5 each side,

Horizontal TuckJumps - like hurdle hops

easy - 2min rest - 1x10

max effort - 3min rest - 2x10

all plyos done on ball of foot.

getting better at these. Man the tuck jumps nailed my VMO!

Abs as well.

Hang Power Snatch

Warmups - Bar x 5

Rest - 2mins

Hang PowerSnatch - 65lbs x3, 95lbs x3, 105lbs x3, 115lbs 2x3

Form is getting better, power is way up from last week. 95lbs felt light compared to last week. Pretty snappy, but jumping too high. Had some balance problems when faced away from mirror…

Full Olympic Back Squats - RAW

Warmup sets

Bar x10, 95lbs x5, 135lbs x3, 185lbs x3

Tempo 10X0 rest - 3mins, 4.5 mins on last set

1 full squat jump , then 225lbs x 3 - 2/3 sec pause at the bottom on first rep.

255lbs 3x3 - 2/3 sec pause at the bottom on first rep. 1 full squat jump preceding the first set

Total work tonnage = 2970lbs (up 810lbs from last week)

Hips felt tight, damn shorts were making thighs uncomfortable, and t-shirt made bar slide around - must remeber not to wear this combo next leg day…

Squats felt slow.

Bits and Pieces

Bulgarian Split Squats

+4kg in dumbells 2x8 each leg.

Explosive Reverse Hypers

BW 2x10

Tuck jumps - also a great drill for skiing. I’m graring up for ski season here in Colorado.


I noticed in your squat that your knees go over your toes. I’m still striving to perfect my squat and I’ve always heard that your knees should never travel over your toes. I actually had some personal trainer come over to me uninvited telling my I’m doing my squat wrong becuase my knees were over my toes and that I will eventually hurt myself. Do you have a different opinion?


randman -

I’m doing Olympic style fullsquats, and these require your upper body to be fairly upright and you sit straight down and go rock bottom. Doing so usually means your knees will go over the toes, subject to thigh length off course - I have relatively long thighs.

Ask your personal trainer to do a full squat with a medium stance width, urpight torso and see if he can keep his knees from not going over his toes :slight_smile:

There is no right or wrong, do what you needs to be done.

Despite the rather foolish opinion of some on this board, there is a basis for that advice. Squatting knees over toes places significantly more pressure on the knee joint than doing them with the standard form.

Certainly, many can handle this day by day without complications, but not everyone. It’s an unnecessary risk.

Leg extensions stress in much the same way, but with far less weight, and thus less danger.


that’s plain bull, the leg extension places a lot more shear on the knee than a full squat. Weightlifters have been researched, and they seem to have one of the most healthy knees in the sports world. Besides, there are a lot sports where your knees go past your toes.

If your knees are bent there is stress on them full stop :slight_smile:


Do as you will.


270kg no problem for the knees :slight_smile:


hey col, nice to see you’re still gonna post the vids.


No PR’s for now, as I’m just coming back from a 3 week layoff, but strength is starting to climb back up.