Workout CD player.

Anyone here know of any good CD players that come with straps so you can attach it to yourself while you work out?

I need some recommendations.Thanks.

I just got a Sony D-NS921F (which is a “Sports” version, although they might not use that term anymore), and it’s awesome. It’s a CD player with CD-R/RW and MP3 playing capability, as well as a radio. AND, it comes with a rugged velcro strap that could be fitted around, say, a lifting belt. Check out the Sony models, because I think there may be other Sony models that come with the strap (I think this is the priciest one, around $140, so perhaps they have cheaper models that still come with the strap, if that’s what you’re looking for). After a good decade or more of going through many, many Walkmen, I firmly believe that Sony makes the best ones, both in terms of ruggedness and sound quality. Best of luck.

(PS, I never use the cheap-ass headphones that they supply when you buy a Walkman. They suck both with regard to sound quality and comfort. I’m a big fan of the Sony Fontopid headphones, which are just like little earplugs on the end of wires which go in each ear. They’re the most out-of-your-way, non-intrusive type of headphones, which is a big plus when working out – there’s no “thing” going over your head or behind your ears or anything – and they sound GREAT. They come in different levels, which vary in price and sound quality, but a good pair can be gotten for $20 or less).

I’ve been looking at Sony Sports one Damici but I didn’t realize they had the straps that go with it,as well as the mp3 capabilities.