🧠 Workout: Can You Solve This Puzzle?

I see this as a feature rather than a bug

“Nothing is true: everything is permitted”

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Except in math that’s how you end up with bridges that collapse and planes that fall out of the sky.

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In that case, the truth is revealed in the end.

“Some are born posthumously!”

I would prefer to avoid that outcome.

My immortality streak is currently unbroken.

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Survivorship bias.

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Ok, that was too clever. You have me beat, haha


Oodles of possibilities, especially when you think in terms of flipping the 6 around to make a 9 + the four or should I say part of it could represent of 1 + combining some of the digits as a pair and adding the remaining number.

The little test is fun not so much in finding “the” answer, but in exercising your brain to find several. At another level, it’s a bit of a psychological personality test: give this test to someone and see how they react, positive or negative. Note their traits and tendencies.

The correct answer (according to the puzzle/logic experts) is 30.

But then you can “train” a little harder and come up with the upside down 9 being another 6. Then you split the 8 and make a 3. Or two 3’s.

Or you can go full smartass and note that an 8 sideways is the infinity symbol.

Here’s the full explanation.


Full smartass is actually that Arabic numerals need to be separated by white space. They don’t have a connected variant. Therefore, there are no numbers here and the answer is 0.

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Interesting. I saw a 7 here. Only reason is because of the little separated “tail” which I circled in red.


I’ll take the compliment.

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I almost tagged you. :smiley:

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You always can - my ego is too big to be fragile.

Also, if we are allowing overlapping numeral, the answer is still infinity even without the infinity sign. Any given numeral contains an infinite series of progressively slightly smaller copies of the same numeral each fully contained within the numeral slightly larger than it.

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According to other “puzzle/logic experts”, the answer is 40:

Not today Satan !

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