🧠 Workout: Can You Solve This Puzzle?

Post your answers and your math if you want. I’ll post the answer a bit later. It’s always surprising how many different answers it gets.

Gonna go with 634 off the bat.


EDIT: Oh wait: need to add in 69, 91 and 21. Which would be 815.

Are we limited to single digits? And does vertical alignment matter?

Single digits would add up to 30, thats what i see

Otherwise you can add into the thousands

There are nine numbers, 0 - 9, but no 5. The question is a bit vague or I’m just mental. Are we trying to find the total number of numbers or the sum of the numbers? If so, then it’s 40.

Sum of the numbers.

Why would it be surprising how many different answers it gets? The question is not well defined. The answer space should likely also be unrefined.

I see numbers that add up to 40. (there’s probably something hidden I’m not seeing).

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Infinity. I don’t even have to care about the other parts.

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Agreed, not enough boundary conditions are set to define a single answer.

Well, going off of the single-digit numbers visible in the image, the answer would be 40. But depending on how you interpret the question, you could go into the hundreds of millions, because you could have 98,764,321 + all like combinations. But 40 is my answer based on my interpretation.

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What’s this mark of the beast shit??

Yeah I can’t stand these click bait “math” puzzles that are left intentionally vague so as to invite an indefinite number of interpretations. I’m all for getting a real puzzles thread started though!

I knew it looked familiar.

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He was a genius… a cunt… but nevertheless

What I find interesting is less the variety of answers and more the variety of folks who ask for more rules vs those that just Leeroy Jenkins it.


These visually ambiguous things give me fits. I see about 3 or 4 different combinations and it changes rapidly as I’m looking. Like 684, 694, 691, 681.

I don’t know what to add to what. :man_shrugging:t2:.

I’d be interested in hearing more of your observations about this.

And speaking of the Leeroy reference . . . resto shammy for life.

when i summ the single numbers i see it is 33

If the problem is not properly bounded then all possible answers are equally acceptable as truth.
It’s like when you solve a quadratic equation, sometimes one or both of the roots are meaningless garbage.

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