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Workout booster/enhancer

Are these any good, and do they have any side effects or anything, i mean products like Power Drive etc…cause i was thinking of getting it along with more protein shake mix, i feel it might be useful, cause i work nights, and i might need the extra boost, as long as it doesn’t effect me wrongly or anything.

Couple of things here. First, there’s a huge difference between Power Drive and many of the other pre-workout products on the market. Most contain caffeine/ephedra-like compounds and basically jack you up. Power Drive is more of a mental stimulant that makes you feel “on” and helps you concentrate. Although it’s great before workouts (I take it with a caffeine tablet before leg day) it’s also good for studying, stress, hectic jobs, etc… I know TC and I both use it before we crank out an article. Tim takes it twice daily.

Two articles for you to read- My “Jack Yo Ass Up” article and Brock’s “Skeptic’s Power Drive Experience” article, both in the previous issues section.

Also, those who are really in tune with their bodies will like Power Drive more. For example, I gave a sample to a guy at my gym and he “didn’t feel anything”. Of course, this guy doesn’t keep a workout log, doesn’t know what he lifts, etc… Since he didn’t automatically bench double what he normally does, he didn’t see much of an effect. However, I sent some to Charlie Francis and he calls me up asking, “What’s in this stuff?!” He had such a good workout and such a boost in performance that he thought we must have thrown in something besides what was on the label. Now, Charlie is obviously in tune with his body being a former Olympic athlete and current top coach in his field. He deals with a drug saturated field, so it’s pretty tough to impress him with a supplement! But, he loves Power Drive and requested a few extra bottles of Tribex-500. (He’s also got at least one of his athletes on Ribose-C.)

Lastly, Power Drive is not Neurogain. Some think this is Biotest’s version of an EAS product. Actually, TC played a role in formulating Neurogain, but then EAS screwed it up by adding St. John’s Wort. I have no idea why that was added to an energizer. Power Drive is more like the correct formulation of what Neurogain was meant to be and far superior. (Doesn’t taste like ass either like Neurogain does.)

So give it a shot, sounds like you need it with that schedule. You can take two servings a day (no more) or you can use it like I do i.e. only when you really need it. Like today, I’ve got a rough workout, need to do a whole article, and have a little public speaking stint to do, so you better believe I took my PD this morning. Come to think of it, that’s probably why I’m writing such a long ass post! Anyway, good luck. Give us some feedback if you decide to give it a whirl. - Chris

Power Drive has been one of my favorite supplements since I began using it well over a year ago. I’ve never had any negative experiences from it.

Power Drive works pretty well but I found that it does give me a little “wired” feeling. And most people say they do not feel anything! But then, again, I might be overly sensitive to stimulants.

Before every workout I usually take 1000 mg of L-Tyrosine and a hit of Ribose-C. Of course, L-Tyrosine is one of the ingredients of PD. PD has a whopping 3000 mg per serving which is a little too much for me. I use PD only when I feel extremely “flat” (as Ian King would say), e.g. when I am sleepy, tired, or just not motivated before the workout.

I would really recommend Ribose-C, though. It definitely gives you extra energy. And, unlike the regular creatine, your shit does not smell like toxic waste afterwards, probably because all creatine is actually absorbed.

I know Ribose-C is kind of expensive (as all of Biotest supplements I tried) but it works (again, as all of Biotest supplements I tried).

I am using Ultimate Orange currently and I am quite impressed. I have never used Power Drive so I can’t give any feedback on it. UOrange gives me an overall good feeling and I have been stronger in my lifts. I workout after an 8-9 hour workday and it really seems to give me an extra boost and my workouts have improved.

I’ll probably try Power Drive at some point in the future.