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Workout BCAA And EAA Mix

I just got my order of bulk amino acids in for my workout cocktail and wanted some input on the ideal mixture. I have Arginine base, l-lysine HCL, citrulline malate, l-leucine, arginine akg(leftovers not much) and beta alanine.

I was thinking…
10g arginine base
15g l-lysine
5g citrulline malate
10g l-leucine
5g beta alanine
5g arginine akg

then include 3g vit c (ascorbic acid powder) and 200mg potassium.

how does this sound or is there a better ratio? This is my first attempt at making my own mix so let me know!

Thats a lot of b-alanine to take in one dose, might make you get a tingly feeling all over.

b-alanine powder is more useful when broken up into 1-2 gram taken a few times a day, depending on your weight.

Thanks bro. I have actually been taking the beta alanine and mixing it into my xtend and primal eaa before i decided to make my own mix and liked the tingly flushed feeling I got. I will try your advice and spread it out over the day and see how that goes thanks a lot. Anyone else?

I just started messing around with Arginine, but that seems like a post workout kind of protein. As it will promote growth hormone release, something that as far as I know, doesn’t help your workout.