workout based on Waterbury's ideas?

Hey all,
Just hoping for some advice on putting together a workout using chad waterbury’s training ideas. Tell us what you think?
Maximal Strength and Explosive Performance:

Day-1 Upper body: Maximal Training rest 120 sec.

  1. Flat bench ? 8 x 3 reps
  2. Supine sternum chin ups ? 8 x 3 reps
  3. Close grip bench ? 4 x 5 reps

Day-2 Lower body: Explosive rest 60 sec.

  1. Jumping Box squat ? 10 x 3 reps
  2. Jump lunges ? 10 x 3 reps
  3. Decline curl ups ? 10 x 3 reps

Day-4 Upper body: Explosive rest 60 sec.

  1. Explosive push up - 10 x 3 reps
  2. Unloading pull up - 10 x 3 reps
  3. Med ball overthrow - 10 x 3 reps

Day-5 Lower body: Maximal Training rest 120 sec.

  1. Heavy squat ? 8 x 3 reps
  2. Deadlift walks ? 8 x 3 reps I love these or should they be normal deadlifts
  3. Good morning ? 4 x 5 reps

Not bad Rank,
I’m going to be doing a Waterbury workout mid October. I like the idea of no direct arm work. It should look something like this. Constructive Critism is more than welcome.

Day 1
Maximal upper body
Flat Bench 8X3
Weighted pull ups 8X3
cable Rows 8X3

Day 2
Explosive Lower Body
Jumping Box Squat 10x 3-4
Speed Deadlifts 10x 3-4

Day 4
Explosive Upper body
Clap push-ups 10x4
Dips 10x4
Bent over barbell row 10X4

Day 5
Maximal Lower Body
Squat 8X3
Deadlift 8X3
Seated Calf Raise 8X3

Ross - Why are you doing rows on the explosive day??

Coach Waterbury I think you can help out with this question.

I’m going to give Chad’s ideas a test run in October also. Except, I want to set it up something like this:

Monday: Maximal lower body(quad dominant), maximal upper body(chest)

tuesday: explosive lower body(ham dominant), explosive upper body (back)

Thursday: explosive lower body(quad dominant), explosive upper body(chest)

Friday: maximal lower body(ham dominant), maximal lower body(back)

My emphasis is going to be mainly on lower body and I’m going to be doing less volume on upper body.

JasonL - that looks really good. Has anyone tried that type of split before?

I figure that my back will also benefit from explosive training. It’s worth a try.

I think I might try adding chains or bands to my bench and squats. I’m not sure what kind of bands I should use or where to get them. I guess I should have a look through the westside Q and A.

Is anyone going to incorporate the car pull in their routine?


How about putting explosive days on max days example:

  1. max ham, expl. back
  2. max chest, expl. quad
  3. max quad, expl. chest
  4. max back, expl. ham


if you guys want an “explosive” back day,why not think about high pulls or cleans???
just a thought,

Both splits by Ross and Rank look good. Training the back with explosive movements is a very good idea. Pull-up variations are excellent if you have the strength.

If not, use the pulldown machine and execute the concentric phase as explosively as possible while minimizing the negative. This should be utilized with a load of 50-60% of 1RM.

You guys caught onto the principles well in regard to performing explosive lifts first in your workout, when your nervous system is least fatigued. Also, be sure to separate maximal and explosive movements for the same body parts.

All in all, the programs look good. Give them a shot. There are so scads of variations that will work.

Thanks for the encouragement Chad.

thanks CW.

CW- I was wondering what set-up you would reccomend for somone who trains M-W-F? Thanks.

What kind of rest intervals are you guys going to use for the explosive and maximal days.

Also what % of your max will you be using for explosive exercises.

40-50% of 1RM as fast as possible for explosive days.

Anyone on rest intervals?