workout advice?

I am enjoying my current workout program, but it seems like I could be doing much more, cant think of what I should throw in there.

Day1- chest/arms
Flat Bench/Close grip bench/military press/ezbar curls

Day2- Legs/Back
Squats/Bentover rows/close grip rows/occationally shrugs

all 3 sets of 8-10

I switch back and forth between squats and deadlifts each week on day2.

I have found that a superset of dips and wide stance push ups is an awesome change up for chest. Or maybe some flies or pec deck.
Try some skull crushers and reverse curls with the ez-curl.
If you have access to a leg press GET on it. Also try some lunges with dumbbells or the bar.
Try some of these and you will see a diffence.

Do you only work out 2 days a week then?
At the risk of sounding Men’s Healthy, I would definately throw in some weighted ab work, more lifts for shoulders and traps, if you have a partner, get him/her to help with some GHR unless you have a GHR bench, then you don’t need a partner.

ummmm… what are your goals anyways?

I would also add incline bench and dumbell press and lockouts and skullcrushers, cable tricep extensions, turkish getups, reverse hypers, hyperextensions, just all kinds of things, not every workout, but alternate some in, add some in for the next month or so, and when you start slowing on the gains, or platueing(sp) then switch it up for different exercises and whatnot.

Or an easier way would be to just look up a pre-made workout on this site… I am sure there is at least one.


OVT Phase 1; 5 x 5 program; OVT Phase 2

Just to clarify, I work out 4 times per week.

Thank you for the ideas, I will definately mix some of them into my program.

I am trying to get my eating in order and bulk up a bit.