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Workout Advice?


Stats: 5'8 175 11%bf, looking to add mass; weak point is bench. I honestly do have more time to train but I don't think I have enough recovery ability to do more...

Flat BB Bench 4x8
Incline DB Bench 4x10
Machine Decline Bench
BB Curls 3x10
Hammer Curls 3x10
DB Preacher Curls 3x10

Legs/Lower Back
SLDLs 4x15
Leg Press 4x12
Bulgarian Split Squat 3x15
Standing Calf Machine 4x20


Pullups 4xmax (w 25)
Bent over rows 4x10 (145)
Cable rows 2x10 (165)
CG BP 12,12,10 (135)
Vert. Dips 15,13,11
Tricep pushdowns 120 x 15,15,10

Military Press 4x10
Upright Row 3x10
Front/Side/Rear Lateral raise superset 3xmax for each
Ab Work



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more leg work. focus on diet. you should be good to go.


I got my bench to improve by doing lots of dropsets on it, you'll need a spotter or else use the machine.


Hard to give advice to someone who wants to add mass, but doesn't list their nutritional intake.

this leads me to believe you feel that lifting is more important that actual diet. Not a bash, just an observation.


maybe take you reps down to mid level [ie. 5-10] and stick an extra set on your lifts.

Get more work on the legs too.



good call.

"If you don't eat your meat how can you have any pudding?"



When you flat bench can you feel it in your chest?


hey guys thank you for the replies. i have been focusing on nutritional intake but I feel I have it covered for the most part. I take in at least 200g if protein/day and have been upping my carbs even though i'm carbophobic.

as for my bench, the flat i do feel it in my chest although sometimes the shoulders dominate. i tend to only keep the rep ranges high on lower body days, i think otherwise i'm between 7-12 reps... any other comments/advice/tips on progression w this split would be very welcome

tks again guys


7-12 reps per set is tons. I hesitate to do more than 5 on most lifts. Above 10 is basically fat-loss/metabolic training range.



isnt 5 mostly for strength gains? i would think that 8 would be the sweet spot for hypertrophy


not necessarily. The 1-3 range is great for strength. but even when i train the 1-3 range hard I still get bigger, barring that i eat enough. And when i train the 5 range I still get bigger as well.

It's not like you have to train the same rep ranges forever. You've been training the high rep range and it's a good time to go lower for 12 weeks or so. It will allow you to get your weight numbers up and therefore make better, heavier sets in the higher ranges after.

The higher your 1RM is the easier it will be to do lighter weights for more reps. For example if your 1RM Squat is 266 it will be hard to do a set of 15 with 225. But if your !RM is 400 then you can do sets of 15 with 225 all day. So moving down to your strength rep levels will make your hypertrophy specific sets worth more. That being said you have to really put effort into each set no matter the rep range to get any result. And you'll get bigger with diet not rep ranges. I've seen guys do sets of 2 all day and not get bigger and ive seen guy do sets of 15 all day and not get bigger either. You must consume other beings to grow.



just wanted to give an update as to how i was doing with this program (very early, i know). ive done two cycles with this, but i was wondering how progression would occur in a program like this? do i increase the poundage for each exercise weekly, or do i add another set to each? anyone have advice about this part?

i've also been upping my cals to 3800-4000 to give me the best chance to grow...


both. one month do more pounds and then the next month take those pounds out for another couple sets.



i have decided to up the poundage, but was wondering if this could even be considered progress:

Flat BB Bench: 195x8,6,6,3
Incline DB w 70s: 10,8,7,7
Machine Decline Press: 10,10
Curls 45 10 9 8
Preacher 25x 10,10
Hammer 35x 10,10


Flat BB Bench: 205x 6,5,3,3
Incline DB w 75s: 7,6,6,6
Machine Decline Press: 13,9,8
Curls 45 10 9 and 40x8
Preacher 30x 10,10
Hammer 35x 10,10


keep eating and keep at it. The progress will make itself.



OP, how long have you been lifting? Progression in the weight room takes time and dedication..I see you've got the dedication part down so you'll be good to go. Like someone said earlier, incorporate more leg movements (lunges, deadlifts)


i've been lifting for 2.5 years, it's just that i feel my progress has stalled somewhat. as for leg movements, to be honest i care much less about my legs because they are so much bigger than my upper body and disproportionate in that regard. i've really just been trying to maintain them with one leg day a week, focusing on sldls to bring my lower back and glutes up to the hams and quads.

today for example i just did sldls for 4x15 and hack squats for 4x20. prob will not be walking tomorrow.

thanks for the support guys i'll keep posting my progress.


where's the low reps? Hypertrophy is just one part of the picture, give strength some attention, and what's the diet look like?
Lack of Recovery time? Do you train to failure every exersize? Do you have Deloads/time off?


The solution is always eat more.

Training is merely a stimulus for growth/weightloss, depending on how much you eat.

What are your lift numbers and daily diet?