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Workout Advice - Hitting the Majors 1x Week?

I have to change my routine because I have been doing it for 10 weeks or so and need some variety. With my schedule, I have the chance to do 1-2-0, 1-2-0 etc. (days of the week are immaterial)

1= bench, military frt + bhnd, bi or hammer curls, shrugs, tri presses, lat raises, bent rows and dips. Yes, I have been making good, steady progress in size and strength. The routine takes 1h20m all in.

2= good mornings, full deep squats alternate days with deads, standing calf raises, neck work, crunches/abs/leg raises. 1h10m

0 = rest day

I am thinking of essentially breaking up day 1 because I want to add the following: close grip benches, lat pulldowns frnt and bck, seated rows, dub/barbell pullovers.

I was going to alternate standard and close grip benches, but doing so means hitiing each once a week. Military presses alternated with lateral raises and bent over rows. Hammer curls with standard bi curls. Again, each only done once a week. This givs me the flexibility to add in the lat work etc keeping my time at c1.20.

Essentially, after 18 months of solid progress and 35 pounds (not all lean!), I am afraid to only use the big moves only once a week and still keep my progress!


You could try alternating them in that way, or you could try mixing them into day 2, turning it into a fullbody workout. Generally, I fall into the “more often is more better” category, especially when it comes to hitting those superfun compound moves.

Is there any reason you’re sticking to these 2 workout sessions? Why can’t you have a workout on day “0”, since your weekly shcedule sounds sporadic anyway?

It’s been 10 weeks, so I wouldn’t mind you reshuffling everything and designing the whole thing differently.