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Workout Advice. Getting Back To It

Background - Short version. Haven’t lifted since June. Only light walking and jogging. Started light lifting about 2 weeks ago and now am ready to kick some ass again. Competed as recently as Spring of last year. PL. I competed at 220. I am 5’9 and change. I currently weigh 205. I competed at 213. My goal is to compete again in July in the 198 class.

So here’s the workout I came up with. By the way, my diet is pretty dialed in.

DL Day - I will do a 10x3 starting at 225. Next week a 9x3 at 250 and go up 25 lbs a week at that progression until I stop.

I will also rotate 4 assistance exercises a week in there for back.

For instance:

TBar Row
Pull Ups
Lat Pulldowns

The next week it’ll be 4 different ones.

Now this is the same for squat day and bench day also.

There is also an Arms day which I will do twice and a shoulder day.

Time permitted I will do cardio. (And time will permit.)

My goals for this competition all RAW for right now are:

Squat 405
Bench 250
Deadlift 425

I can currently bench 210 and DL 385. Haven’t 1RM the squat yet. My best efforts equipped were 445, 290 and 451
I’m almost 46 and have some old buy naggers going on in my shoulders and knees.

Another goal is to be able to run our entire path which is about 5 miles long. I live next a great park.

By the end of the year I want to be 178 lbs, have huge guns, some abs and meet my PL and running goals.

So with that in mind do you think that workout is anygood. I don’t tend to overtrain,but I could DL 3 times a week if I had to as I love it.

Its amazing. Some guy asks for advice and no replys, but some other jackass wants to know how much you can squeeze on a bathroom scale and everyone wants in. Yeah, great site, full of dedicated folks.

Anway, your program looks good. Might want to add some speed work like box squats and such too. Good luck! It’s tough to lose weight and such while lifting heavy.