Workout: 10 Sets of 3?

hey guys, I really am stumped with this so i thought I’d ask you,
someone reccomended this routine to me , am not really sure about it but it seems good to me.

It goes like this,
saturday- deadlift, military press, bent over rows
sunday- squats, benchpress, pull up
monday off
tuesday same as saturday
wednesday same as sunday
thursday and friday off

the guy said to do 10 sets of 3 reps with my 3 rep max for each exercise,
now is this good for strength ? or is it too much ? and will the high volume promote hypertrophy?
please, any advice will be appreciated.

“That guy’s” an idiot.

Have fun doing 6 exercises 4 times a week.

[quote]WhiteFlash wrote:
“That guy’s” an idiot.[/quote]

dude if you want a good routine to get stronger, do 5/3/1.

It is the almost the thing as an program here,except the program is 8*2

-------------- training 4 times a week

this program is fine but this one may be a little bit better

10x3 with a 3RM? That isn’t even possible.

Deadlift one day, then squat the next? Twice a week?
I wouldn’t be able to keep that up for very long at all, especially using a 3 rep max EVERY time. If you could do that for 10 sets, it’s not even your 3rm.

Yeah doesn’t sounds like a good idea to me either, you will burn out pretty quickly on this. As one guy said, check out 5/3/1 and follow it, it seem to be a good fit for you I think.

10 sets of 3, when done, are generally done at a 4RM at the very heaviest. Not a 3RM, as already pointed out.

Doing even one major exercise that way in a workout is pretty demanding. Doing three that way: too much.

Also, sticking at the same general high percent 1RM every workout, week in week out, is not the best way to go.

thanks guys, alright then, so recomendations go to the 5/3/1 and the 8x2 routines?
I havent been into working out solely for strength for long am really not big on whats the proper way to do things, any more advice would be great.

Once you get into 5/3/1 you won’t have to do something after that for a long time I think. If you are solely after strength, you can’t go wrong with 5/3/1. Check the article on T-Nation and the thread in strength sports.

thanks all.

okay one more question

those 8 or 10 sets of 2 or 3 reps
wont the high volume work more towards size ?

The program looks like it could work, but modify it like this:

repeat day 1
repeat day 2
rest start cycle over

I would do 10x3 with 90% of my 3 rep max. Doing 10 sets with the same weight will be real hard. Basically, 85-90% of that 3 rep max would make the first 2-3 sets feel easy, and as you go, it will get harder.

Looks oddly like:

[quote]Ahmadov wrote:
okay one more question

those 8 or 10 sets of 2 or 3 reps
wont the high volume work more towards size ?[/quote]

The volume really isn’t all that high, but yes it could be high enough for mass gains given that you eat enough. However, training doubles and triples at or around 90% of your max is best suited to strength gains not hypertrophy.

[quote]mitchellh wrote:
Looks oddly like:


I was just going to say it sounds like a Waterbury routing.

The routine was his attempt at getting hypertrophy out of a max strength principal.

Pretty much low reps/Set for max strength but come close to the “25 reps” of hypertrophy by making 10 sets.

If your young it might work, if your older 10 sets of the same exercise with 3rm heavy weight repeatedly week after week is going to do a number on your tendons and muscle tightness. Which is why many powerlifters lower the sets or raise the rest period anyway.