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Working with Pussies...


Does anyone else feel like they are surrounded throughout the day by a bunch of men with no backbone? I don't care if some people don't want to lift, or don't have the desire to take care of their bodies in the same way I do, but I am pretty damn sick of hearing "Oooooh yeah, I just don't like milk too much in the morning," followed by the consumption of dry cereal with a spoon.

Or the using antibacterial hand sanitizer 10+ times a day and then complaining about dry skin. Give me a break. Or the "Where should we eat lunch today, I just really don't know, this is so hard, I hate this," every day, 5 days a week. It's all I can do to keep from saying "I don't mind you making fun of me for eating every 2.5 hours, but at least I can decide what I'm going to bring for my 4 meals during the day."

Is it me or do some people just need to grow a pair?



Damn it, fooled again by the thread title.


Did someone get their man-period today?


I'll agree with you on the soap deal. I am around people all the time who constantly have to wash hands and tables and other stuff. What always makes me laugh is that for the last 6-7 years i have lioved in relative squalor in a house with no air circulation and then in my own messy room. Because of this, when i get sick, i sneeze a few times...but when these other people get sick,...they are out of commission for weeks.


I'll admit, the other interpretation could have been more fun.



I work with 3 other guys and have constant complaints from 2 of them about what I eat:

"How can you that much every day?"

"Tuna again?"

"How can you eat that for breakfast?"

They bitch and moan like little girls. It does get annoying sometimes, to the point of me looking for a new job.


x2 hah oh boy was I wrong. I expected the opposite..

Waste no Motha F*cken Soap and hand sanitizer!!


I thought this was going to be a thread where you asked if you should change majors in college because you were thinking about becoming a gynocologist...


lol I actually never got that, then again I only worked with 2 guys and the rest were females who would say

"Wow that looks REALLY healthy" as I'd make a tuna salad and they would proceed to their KFC/McDonalds for the uptenth time that week.


My personal favorite is the 10 minute dissertation on how the chili they just got to go with their sandwich and chips would be much better without beans.

That is sacrilege in my family.


I wouldn't say it looks healthy, but when I'm busy I'll mix some things together that otherwise wouldn't be - such as 2 cans of tuna, noodles and red kidney beans.

It taste good and gives me the nutrients I need so who cares what they think, however this has become an actual issue where my food choices have been limited to "foods that don't smell".

Ridiculous, like I said.


You wouldn't want to offend their highly developed olfactory senses.


I work with roofers. They aren't the healthiest group but they are definitely, hard, tough men.

I never hear what they're eating or about dry skin issues. I hear from them when they accidently nail gun a knee or something.

It's a fairly fun job.

Sorry to report, the only pussies are on the women that work here.


arent you in the Navy or something? what do you expect.


Quit your bitchin'


btw i actually work with mostly women, theres a few people who work at the bar but the bar and servers dont really mingle. theres only 1 male server besides me well theres another one too but hes gay so he doesnt really count.




HAHA this is hilarious.


Here's the root of their problem: no squatz and milk.


In my experiences in the business world i've had to deal with a lot of pussies - not just in their health/working out habits, but how they deal with people. One of my previous bosses at an old job was like this - he would skirt around talking about anything potentially difficult at all.

Instead of telling me I needed to stay in touch with clients more often, he told me there was a "growth opportunity in your interactions with clients". Yeah boss, way to be a strong leader.