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Working with Carnage


Well I decided to stop 5/3/1 and not because it is a bad program, however I really don't want to make just incremental gains and I'm looking for more size.

I've decided to take what Ceph has written for me and apply it and give it a 100% honest run. I guess my ultimate goal is to be about 220

Right now I'm
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 178lbs
BF% 13%


Well today I started what Ceph has made for me..I don't know if I did it completely right as I was a little confused, however I'm sure he will come in an critique it for me

Close Grip Press: 175x8, 185x5 and 195x4
-I went down (didn't touch my chest) with my elbows in and coming up they did flare out a bit. My wrist started to hurt and I ordered some wrist/elbow wraps/sleeves

Standing Overhead Press: 95x10, 105x6 and 115x5
-I don't know if i went to heavy on these, everyone of these sets was at failure

Rackchin/Pullups: 20x10, 35x6 and 45x5
-I couldn't do Rackchins as most of the racks were in use.

Yate Rows- 155x8 and 175x5
-I tried to hold at the top, however the weight was to heavy near the last of the sets, I might have to go lower weight.

Lying stop extensions (the one you showed me in the Youtube video): 55x13 and 70x11
-These felt good, I'm glad I no longer have to go to my forehead.

Love w/e feedback I can get


Could have gone a little higher (190-195 or so. Make sure to take at least 4 min between those work sets though. 5 min perhaps, even, at least between the second to last and last set)

Ok, next time try 200 here.

Wrist wraps help, but make sure you get your grip right, too... I prefer a thumbless/false/suicide grip for presses... Don't let the bar sit too high in your fist or your wrists will bend backwards too much.
Btw, you can go down to your chest on this exercise... Particularly with a PL setup (which you should be using, check the Dave Tate video article that was posted on the main site a while ago)

Seems ok, will come up soon.

Problem... With latwidth work I'd stay in the higher ranges.. Gotta make your lats do the work, not your arms. Particularly on pullups.
2 sets of 10-15 or so.

No need to hold at the top. Just sort of do the same motion you do when setting up for a pl bench, retract scapulae on the way up etc, shoulders back, chest out, and reverse that on the way down. Go a little higher in the reps here though, 2 sets of 15, if you get 15 on the first, up the weight for the second, otherwise use the same weight.



Well today was a bit tougher. I put everything I could into this workout, so I hope I did it right

Alternating Offset Curls: 30x9, 35x6, 35x6
-Didn't quite know what these were, I looked around and didn't find much. I believe that I went to heavy on these

Back Squats-185x12, 200x7, 210x6
-I took 5 mins after each set and it was still difficult. Legs were on fire.

Deadlift: Warm ups; then did 300lbsx10
-After the squats, about 8 I didn't think I could make it to 10. I might of rounded the last rep

Ab wheel:3x10 and Hanging leg raise: 3x10
-Difficult however definitely worth doing them

Donkey Calf Raises: 2x100lbsx30, 1x100lbsx20
-They don't have a seated calf raise machine, so I through on my dips belt and did these


You did ok.
Offset means that you grip each DB so that your thumb and index finger are as close as comfortably possible to the innermost plate on their side of the handle.
You start alt. curls with a neutral grip at the bottom and supinate as you go up. Due to the off-set grip, the supination actually becomes a little exercise in itself.

Hey, squats are never easy :slightly_smiling:
Just don't round your low back. ]quote]
Deadlift: Warm ups; then did 300lbsx10
-After the squats, about 8 I didn't think I could make it to 10. I might of rounded the last rep
[/quote] No need to go to failure. Do every rep from a dead stop and make sure you stay tight... And leave a rep or two in the tank perhaps.


That's cool you're working with carnage! I've learned a lot from reading his posts. Good luck with your training.


Yes sir he is very knowledgeable. I'm really looking forward to seeing my gains in the coming months


Barbell Bench Press:185x10, 200x6 and 210x5

Dumbbell Bench Press: 50lbsx10, 60lbsx7

Kroc Rows- 60lbsx21

Up Right Rows- 40lbsx2x10

Skull Crushers (except they are the ones in that youtube you sent me)55lbsx15 and 70x12